Rattan Furniture: What Makes It Popular And How To Take Care Of It


Rattan furniture has gathered popularity in Singapore for many years. It makes everything perfect and complete, which makes people buy it. Aside from your home, you could also have it in offices or any professional establishment.

Here are other features of rattan furniture that made it known in the world:


Rattan furniture is one of the strongest that you could buy. If you compare it to solid wood furniture in Singapore, it puts up a fight in durability. Many still live up to this day as long as you take proper care and attention.

The durability of rattan furniture for the past years has been the same as the ones this time. It could still outlive wood or leather. However, it still depends on the owner on how they would look at it, because like other things, its last days could still come.


If designer furniture in Singapore is known for its style, rattan furniture does, too. It gives old-time or classical vibes, which makes it suitable for any place. The form it has does not only attract the sight but the interest too.


You can see many dining chairs in Singapore made out of rattan, whether in a house, offices or restaurants. One trait of rattan furniture is its usage. You can put it indoors or outdoors without damage, whether there is rain or sunlight exposure.


Rattan is one of the furniture materials that is considered environmentally friendly. There is no need to cut down trees because it is from vines, and it smoothly grows back. It makes the forest stay undamaged and safe. Because of this, rattan furniture gained popularity in Singapore.


It might be sturdy and durable, but rattan furniture is lightweight. It could be moved without effort and does not require strength. It is one of the features that make it unique.


Rattan furniture in Singapore has a different style compared to others. It has colours and tones that could go well with other furniture or put in any part of your space. It also brightens the house by having light fixtures that could always catch attention.

One of the things that stands out about rattan furniture is the pattern it has. It is like a multidirectional open-weave pattern that plays on the eyes. It gives a light look and makes the environment refreshing.


One of the things that makes rattan furniture a buyable one is its appearance. Whatever colour it is, it could fit with anything around it. But most of the time, it is the natural colour that people want. Its woven material dominates all the colours, specifically white, neutral tones, and woods.

Knowing these reasons might help you why purchasing rattan furniture is worth it and how it affects the space where you will place it.



Owning something means that you need to take care of it no matter what. It is to ensure that you could use and have it for a long time. And, it is not any different with rattan furniture. These are the things that you could do to take care of it:


If there is one thing that you need to do with your rattan furniture, it is cleaning. Whether natural or synthetic, both are easy to clean. It only requires water with a soap mixture. However, there are things that you need to remember in cleaning rattan furniture. Some of them are the following:

  • Remove dust – it might be the easiest way to clean your things. You could use a duster or a vacuum, depending on your preference. Removing the dust on your rattan furniture could avoid soil build-up. If you have seen some of it, get a soft toothbrush and remove the dust in it.
  • Clean the stain – this step is for cases like drink spills or food stains. If you see any of these in your rattan furniture, you need to clean immediately. This way, it will be easier to clean, and it will not leave any marks. However, cleaning could be tricky as rubbing the stain could go deeper on the woven fibres. You could use a spoon to lift it and damp the area with a microfibre cloth.
  • Remove moulds – check your rattan furniture for moulds. They could grow if not taken care of or cleaned properly. To remove it, you need water and chlorine bleach. Use a soft cloth to clean the affected area and move it outside to dry quickly.

Cleaning your rattan furniture must be one of your priorities. Unlike other furniture, you do not need to use furniture polish. Just have a soft cloth, and you could already take care of it.


For rattan furniture that is from natural rattan, there are times that you need to shield it from too much heat or rain exposure. It could be prone to mould once it gets wet or bleaches the colour for too much sun exposure.

However, you do not need to worry about these if what you have is made of synthetic rattan. It could hold any events, even if outside.


In keeping the rattan furniture clean, you need to invest in cushions that you will put. It is easier to clean than the furniture itself, which would help you save time and energy. However, you must clean it regularly to ensure the safety it brings.


Rattan furniture must have a cover for protection against rain, dust, and tears. With this, you do not need to stress yourself cleaning the cushions because it will protect them.


If you are going to move it, make sure that you will lift it instead of pushing. The fibres of the rattan could split if moved around.

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