Planning Your Perfect Winter Adventure

Traditionally, the warm summer months are the season where people pack their bags, put down their work and take a vacation. Really, though, it’s during the depths of winter that we most want to be elsewhere. Depending on your interests, winter vacations can be just as rewarding as those in the summertime.

Take a Ski Trip

Since the 1800s, skiing has been a beloved winter sport in regions with abundant snowfall. Due to high demand, the mountains of Europe and North America have historically housed many ski resorts. The best destinations promise full days of exhilaration and fun on the slopes. Then, it’s back to the grand lodge, a rustic chalet or private cabin for hot refreshments and warm conversation around a roaring fire.

Go Snowmobiling

In some ways, a snowmobile is the modern equivalent of a pair of skis. Like a cross between sledding and cycling, there’s nothing quite so exciting as revving up your engine and racing across boundless miles of pristine snow. Furthermore, a snowmobile ride is a wonderful way to see scenic landscapes of winter wilderness. Committed riders can hire guides for extended snowmobile tours Quebec City through some of nature’s most beautiful areas.

Find Fish Beneath the Ice

While fishing is fun in fine weather, even in the dead of winter, the fish are still biting below the surface. Ice fishing is done through a hole in the ice of a frozen body of water. To stay warm, most anglers stalk their prey from inside an ice shanty, which can be anything from a makeshift tent to a semipermanent cottage with all the creature comforts. Winter resorts may rent fishing shanties and gear to their guests for expeditions that may last for days on end.

With the right conditions and an open mind, there’s never a bad time to go on vacation. It’s merely a matter of embracing the cold and making the most of winter.

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