Performance of various components of OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus 8 Pro comes with various components that have enhanced its performance and that is the reason people like to buy OnePlus 8 pro. Due to fast performance, high-end camera, latest operating system, and various other things, the mobile performs very well and that is the reason that people are liking the mobile. IN this article, we will discuss about various components of the handset.

Chipset and memory

The mobile comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chip along with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. All these components help the device to function smoothly. People can run videos, play games, perform video chat and do a lot of things with the help of this mobile. The device also has 5G support but that currently does not work in India. Another thing present in this mobile for fast performance is screen with the refresh rate of 12 Hz and latest Oxygen OS. People will experience fast performance due to the combination of al these components.


The mobile provides smoothest performance due to the presence of 120 Hz refresh rate on the screen. The fingerprint sensor present in the mobile is fast and accurate when people have to unlock the phone. Face unlock feature also works fine and it works after than the fingerprint sensor. People can scroll the screen with having worries of things getting blurred. Typing on the phone is also good in comparison to other handsets. One disadvantage is that the phone gets heated quickly when it is used outside the house. It shows message when it gets heated and when the temperature comes down, it notifies the user about it. The mobile does not shut down when the temperature increases to such an extent that it has to ring alarm for the same.


People can play a lot of games on the mobile but it also heats up the mobile and the sign of rise i temperature is displayed even when the game is being played. The mobile consists of a Fnatic Mode and if it is not being used then the games perform smoothly. There are only a few games that do not perform well otherwise all the games run smoothly.


OnePlus 8 Pro comes with the latest Android Oxygen 10.0 OS whose user interface is simple and easy to use. The operating system work very fast and skins like MIUI and RealmeUI perform well People will not find any ads, which are a cause of distraction. The refresh rate and the UI response very quickly. One problem with OnePlus mobiles is that they come with a lots of bugs when they are launched and these bugs are removed with updates at regular interval. Same problems are available with this mobile too. Software updates are coming for this mobile also in order to resolve all the problems.


The mobile comes with 48 MP camera that clicks good pictures in daylight and in low light. The front camera is of 16 MP lens and its performance is also very good.

Wrapping Up

The mobile is loved for its performance of different components. The performance is very fast and people can play a lot of games, watch videos, and do a lot of other things.

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