Parties and The Most Effective Arrangements: The Party Buses

For the party, as for the venue, choose a place that can comfortably accommodate your number of guests. It can be a friend’s house or a bar. If you choose to organize the party in a club, ask the managers if they can help you with the organization, especially with regard to decorations, entertainment and buffets.

The decorations

For the party to be such you must not forget the decorations. If organizing the party in a private house, decorate it with colored festoons. Another nice idea is to create a billboard with some witty writing on it or simply “Happy birthday”.

The buffet

Another element to think about is the buffet. If you organize the party in a private house, get help during this phase: cooking is hard for many people. You can turn to catering professionals, or you can divide the dishes to be prepared among several guests. Make sure the food reflects the varied tastes of all guests.


This aspect must be considered especially when many people who do not know each other are invited to the party. You can prepare yourself some activities to do together, such as karaoke or the mime game; or you can hire professionals like musical bands, magicians, professional entertainers. Particular attention must be paid to this aspect even when the birthday boy is a child.

The music

What party would it be without music? Make sure someone makes some sort of compilation for the party, with songs close to the birthday boy’s tastes. If you are in a club ask the manager for an agreement to pass one-off songs you like to your band. If you wish to make it outside, the making it with the Toronto Party Bus will be perfect.

The guests

Make sure you have invited all the loved ones to the birthday boy, or at least those he would have invited to his party. Talk to each of them, explain the idea and ask to “play along”. If you are more than one person organizing the party, remember to make a small list between you, to be sure that everyone is reporting the same things. Finally, make sure that all the guests arrive at the meeting place at least 1h before, so as not to spoil the surprise effect with last-minute arrivals.

The excuse

Finally, come up with a credible excuse to bring the birthday boy to the party. You can pretend to go out together at the bar, you can invite him to your house with the excuse of having to talk about something important, and you can pretend to have forgotten an object at a friend’s house. Once convinced you just have to enjoy the surprise effect on his face.

The cake

It is one of the protagonists of the evening. Choose an original-looking cake by contacting a trusted pastry shop. You can also make it yourself, but you will have to keep in mind the number of guests if you can’t make a cake big enough you can make more cakes, depending on your taste. Finally, customize the cake with an original phrase or the name of the birthday boy. It will be an unforgettable moment.

Time for gifts

For a party with all the trimmings, gifts cannot be missing. Ask all the guests to bring a gift, large or small, and arrange them on a table. It will certainly be a pleasant sight for the birthday boy. If, on the other hand, you have decided to give only one great gift, hide it somewhere in the house and take it out only at the appropriate time. If the gift is too big, use a little trick to deliver it, give a keychain or a small pendant that suggests the type of gift.

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