Most Essential Options for Buying Silver Bullion

When we think of “investment”, we think of gold. But money is also a great way to secure your back. Why, how, professionals present this rather promising precious metal to you.

Once upon a time, there was a currency

The main thing in common with gold: silver was a currency! If it has been a long time since gold can no longer buy a wand, silver allowed it until 1980, when the silver coins were demonetized.

A metal in great demand

Besides its role as currency in the past, like gold, silver has an important place in industry: it is an excellent conductor. But unlike gold, it exists in very large quantities on the surface of the Earth. The quantity of gold produced to date is estimated at around 155,000 tons a large cube 20 meters square. About 100,000 tons remain in the soil, of which at most half can be exploited. Per year the quantity of silver extracted or 19,565 tons is estimated at 650 million ounces just that.

This great demand from the industrial sector should therefore not be a problem. Not sure. If silver is used in large quantities, it is hardly recycled: only a third of the quantity extracted is recycled each year. Translation, silver is a metal that can be “consumed”. In all of the history of the world, approximately 45 billion ounces of silver have been mined. Of that, almost everything, probably between 90 and 95%, was consumed and ended up buried with other waste. Why? Recycling is not profitable! It costs less to extract than to recycle. And do the math: there isn’t much left of this incredible amount that has been mined since time immemorial just enough to make the money market interesting. You have understood it: little by little, silver tends to become scarce, slowly but surely. But of course, you will need to know the Best place to buy silver bullion also.


The best proof of this is the decision taken in January by the Royal Canadian Mint. Following the example of the United States, the “Royal Canadian Mint” began to ration the sale of its Silver Maple Leaves. The Silver Maple Leaf should therefore increase in value and see its premium increase, slowly but surely.

From poor men gold to gold, there is only one step

Silver has a close relationship with gold. If you take a close interest in silver you will know when to buy gold and vice versa. When the price of silver goes up, you are pretty sure you will see the price of gold rise soon after. It is said that silver “amplifies the movements of gold”. So, if the price of gold goes up, that of silver is doing quite well.

A small investment for good results

If gold is not always accessible to everyone, silver is more so. This allows everyone to buy a silver coin as they go, regularly, without taking a big risk or taking out too much money at once. Not bad is not it?

How to invest in silver?

Like paper gold, buying paper securities for silver is not a good idea. This market could not be more volatile! Money remains on the fringes of the international economic system. No one has a hand in balancing the market like gold. Spectacular surges in the price of silver are therefore possible like veritable descents into hell. There is silver in the form of bullion. But this is not the best investment you can make either. You have to be able to find some to buy and they are subject to tax!

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