Know The True Meaning of Fashion

The word fashion is conceived in different ways by different people. For some, fashion refers to the way a person dresses up. For many others, it is the process of thinking a person has. The meaning of fashion is perceived differently by different people based on their culture, society, and other factors.

However, the true meaning of fashion is not just about shopping for the best and the fashionable clothes from the online shop. But, in reality, it is entirely different. You can be fashionable even without wearing expensive outfits. Know the true meaning of fashion in the post below. It will be shedding some light on the connotative as well as the denotative meaning of fashion.

The true meaning of fashion

Well, the true meaning of fashion as stated above is different from what people perceive. However, it is subjective to its very roots as people perceive different things based on their subjective experience. There are two meanings of very word that people use that include connotative and denotative. Connotative means how people perceive and understand, while denotative means the true and literal meaning of the word.


The word ‘fashion’ in a literal sense does not just refer to fashionable and trending clothes but many other things including innovative ideas, thinking, the way you carry yourself, personality, behavior, and many other things. It is not just about how expensive clothes you wear but is about how wider your thoughts are.


When you use the word ‘fashion’ people perceive it as per their thought process. But, in a general sense, fashion is when you shop by outfit from online stores for the best and the most fashionable piece. It is about the way you dress yourself up including your hairstyle, make-up, outfit, footwear, and other accessories. So, you become fashionable as per the connotative meaning when you wear stylish outfits.

Fashion as stated above is about your thought process, your personality, and your behavior. The wider the thought process you have, the more fashionable you become in the literal sense. So, be fashionable not just as per the connotative meaning but also as per denotative meaning.

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