How Will You Select the Right Type of Industrial Generator on Rental?


Selecting the right kind of industrial purpose generator for any of your business operations is very essential to execute your job without any interruption and also cost-effectively.

Having a it can be the most critical equipment needed in your workplace as they become the main source of power to power all your on-site equipment during a power outage.

If you select the wrong one to run your industrial application then it can often cause an unnecessary problem and can also increase your expense and sometimes may create many safety and maintenance issues, or maybe even worse – and create disruptions in your work and productivity.

Therefore, we will discuss in this post a few important factors that you must consider while buying or renting any power generator for your business. Active Generator Rental is a Singapore-based company from where you can get on rental.

  1. Assess your needs first

Before you look for anything, you must know what all your needs are. Are you going to use it as your only power source or just as a backup power source? The changeover should be automatic or manual?

How much power do you need? Finally what your budget is?

  1. Types of generator You Must Know

They are available in many different types. The main consideration will be what fuel you are going to use for running the machine. These are a few options available to you:

  • Diesel
  • Natural gas
  • Gasoline
  • Propane
  • Dual fuel
  1. What is the size you need?

Once you have decided which type you need then the next thing to decide will be the size. The size will also be dictated by your needs that you have decided on the 1 above.

However, based on the available space, you need to select the proper size of your generator that should meet all your needs too.

  1. Stationary or mobile

If the need arise only during emergency situations as the power failure has occurred then perhaps you can manage with any mobile generator.

However, if you need it as standby power, then you will prefer a stationary typeso that it can work steadily and be ready to automatically switch on whenever your need will arise.

  1. Control system features

You also need to understand what specific features you need. If you refer to the specification sheets of different manufacturers, you will find many different features.

Based on your operational needs you have to select which features will be more suitable for your need.

  1. Noise levels

They can produce a significant amount of noise and vibration to the environment. Depending upon your working environment, you have to decide which level of noise will be acceptable for you.

  1. Location and transportation

You also have to consider how they will be transported on your premises and how will you unload it and finally install them.

Whether To Buy Or Use A Generator On A Rental?

During selection, you can find several options – you can either buy a new one or any used model. Also, another option that has become quite comfortable and popular, is up for renting.

If your need itfor long-term or permanent then you must select a suitable model that can meet your long-term needs. It will be better to purchase and install it on your premises. You also have to consider hiring a few professionals who can ensure its maintenance.

Depending upon your available budget, you may buy a new generator for your business or look for any used models in good condition. In both cases, you must also consider their proper maintenance too.

However, if it is short-term or you cannot afford to hire staff for maintaining a generator, then the rental option will be a better option for you. Generally, the rental company also offers maintenance services too.

Benefits Of Going For Generator On Rental

The rental option is getting popular these days as it offers a few incentives. Any generator is certainly a vital asset for any company however, that does not mean that you must always decide to buy any generator for your company.

If you have started a new business then certainly you will like to work on a very tight budget. In such a case, for you renting a generator will be a more affordable option. There are several companies that also offer rent-to-own options, where you can avoid paying the lump sum but still you can own your generator.

Another benefit of a generator on a rental is that you need not bother about maintenance as most rental companies offer maintenance services too. If you own a generator then you will be responsible for its maintenance too. Renting can offer you more options like upgrading the size of the generator if you need it in near future.

Lastly, a generator on rental can be arranged on short notice as you need not go through all the processes that you need for buying a generator.


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