How To Set Up Business In Dubai: Everything There Is To Know

One of the DEDs (Dubai Economic Department) of the United Arab Emirates is known as a “Mainland firm.” This indicates that the business is registered there (Department of Economic Development). Therefore, if you want to do business on the UAE mainland, you must register a business with the DED. The DED will then issue you a business license so you may immediately begin doing business in the UAE with the help of Amer.

Companies established on the mainland are permitted to engage in any industrial, commercial, trading, professional, or tourist-related activity. Nevertheless, many professional activities are prohibited under the Department of Economic Development’s company regulations. Other actions must be authorized by those in charge of the movement in question.

Sole Establishment:

If you wish to establish a business, you may either form a partnership with individuals from the United Arab Emirates who control 51 percent of the firm, or you can establish a company in which you hold 100 percent of the shares. On the other hand, certain enterprises are restricted to United Arab Emirates residents alone.

To form a company, stockholders must complete the necessary papers and execute the necessary procedures. This may include designating a management team through the Memorandum of Association (MOA) or Service Agreement for a short or lengthy period. The Mainland must choose at least one and up to five managers to operate the firm.

Starting a company in the United Arab Emirates is difficult. Learn business creation on the mainland in Dubai.

One or more of the following:

  • Select any number of them.

Choose the sort of company you want to operate; commercial/trading, consulting, professional, and manufacturing are all examples. In a single category of activities, there is a huge variety of options.

  • Select the appropriate legal form:

It relies on the owner’s actions and strength.

  • Select the business name:

Three names should be provided to reduce the order of choice. The names should be straightforward, have significance, and have no religious connotations. Now is the moment to provide the partners, especially those in control, with the plan (passports, visas, EIDs, NOCs for UAE residents, and proof of residence).

  • To get initial approval from DED, provide the following documents:

This document confirms the formation of a corporation and the approval of its name.

  • The MOA and LSA agreements must be finalized.

DED will then draught the MOA and LSA (Memorandum of Association) based on the information provided during phases 3 and 4.

  • Establish the formal business location:

To complete registration on the mainland, you must possess an Ejari lease. It might be an office, a business center, a warehouse, or a showroom, depending on the environment. It may be leased or purchased anywhere in the Emirate where your business is registered.

  • You must get the consent of others before carrying out your plans.

Some commercial activities may need approval from other government authorities, such as the MOH (Ministry of Health and Prevention), Civil Defense, and the Police before they can proceed.

  • Examine and get business licenses:

When the MOU and LSA have been signed, all approvals have been granted, and all payments have been received, the transaction is complete. The MOU will include a license, which will be distributed.


  • Capital is repaid in its whole.
  • Individuals and companies are not required to pay taxes in this nation.
  • A mainland may have many branches in a given region, however, this is not generally the case.
  • Several corporate and government programs that are inaccessible to Free Zone firms or lack a local partner are being evaluated.
  • The mainland enables multinational enterprises to trade and operate directly with the local market.
  • There are several enterprises from which to pick.

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