How To Prepare for an International Trip

Going on an international trip is exciting, and traveling is a great experience when you’re properly prepared for it. Ensuring you pack the right supplies and clothing and have the appropriate documents and vaccinations to go abroad will ensure your trip is smoother and more enjoyable. Below are some tips to make sure you have everything you need for your international trip.

Get Vaccinations Prior to Departure

You’ve likely been vaccinated against diseases that were or are common in your own country, but if you have never been to the country you’re planning to travel to you likely don’t have protections against diseases unique to that country or region. For this reason, some countries require that you have certain vaccinations before you go on your trip to prevent you from getting diseases or illnesses and spreading them to others. It’s important to research required vaccinations up to a year in advance, as some vaccinations must be administered several months before your trip and the waiting list may be long for the vaccination clinic in your area.

Pack the Right Supplies for Your Trip

This sounds like a no-brainer, but if you’re traveling somewhere you’ve never been it can be hard to know what supplies to pack. A pragmatic way to think through what you need is to break down your itinerary and what you will need for the activities you have planned, and to think of anything specific to the country you’ll need to order ahead of time. For example, if you’re going to Europe you’ll likely want a USB to Euro charger for your phone and other devices; if you’re going to Peru you’ll want to bring toilet paper to keep with you in a backpack, as well as disinfecting wipes, wet wipes and hand sanitizer. Be prepared for your activities and for the country.

Obtain the Correct Documents In Advance

Depending on which country you’re traveling from and to, document requirements vary. While a passport may be all you need, some countries require you to have a tourist visa as well depending on what country you’re from. You can learn what documents you need by visiting the country’s website or your country’s website.

By following these tips you can ensure you are prepared for your trip. As suggested above, start planning early for vaccinations and documents so you have everything you need before the date of your departure.


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