How to organize your living room?

Living rooms come in different sizes and shapes, but the smaller the room, the harder it keeps you organized. Moreover, with active social life and busy work schedule, a small living room can turn into a cluttered zone. Fret not if you do not have an extra space for storage. Here are some ideas to make your space a multi-functional furnishing, keeping the living room neat and tidy. Make use of these tips to turn your messiest living rooms to a little more manageable space.

Clutter-free surface

There are plenty of solutions out there to arrange your living room the way you want. Preparation is the key to keeping it organized. You need to focus on how to de-clutter the mess. Take your time to clear out living room clutter, storage basket or a large catchall bin for staying organized. Small rooms need creative solutions; an attractive colourful basket in a corner to keep magazines, books and other items can do wonder. You can also try hanging floating shelves or corner shelves where furniture won’t fit. Magazines, brochures, books, and newspapers tend to accumulate on floor surfaces. Get a table with drawers to stack your files or books.

Tips for small living room

When you’ve small space, you’ll need creative ideas to maximise storage. For instance, bookshelves or tall cabinets offer you extra room for piling books.  You can also invest in furniture, like TV stand with cabinet or coffee table with surface space or drawer that can do double duty.

Tips for family with young kids

The main aim of room rearrangement when you’ve small kids is to create a space where toys or decorative crafts can be peacefully kept. Consider the items that your kids play regularly and keep them within their reach. If you do not want them to play or damage some stuff, keep those items in high shelves or closed cabinets. Put soft toys and study materials in small baskets, so that children can find them when in need.

Invest in multifunctional storage

You need not purchase expensive items to support your storage needs. Side-table drawer can be used as multi-functional storage item. Trays, crates, and baskets are budget-friendly trunks that are ideal for arranging your living room. Use them to store DVDs, hold pet toys, and stack video game controllers for a complete overhaul.

These storage ideas and living room organizer at Living.ca are the perfect solutions to decorate your house.

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