How to Equip Your First Kitchen?

Moving into a new home is indeed a bliss. However, when you move into one, there are things you have to think over. Have you brought all of your belongings from your last place? Probably from your parents home? Does your new haven have enough furniture that would keep you comfortable at all times? What about tools that would help you cook your meals? You might think all of these do not matter, but it does. More so, if you have plans to stay here for a long time. So, do yourself a favour and equip your home, especially your kitchen. After all, quality kitchen equipment in Singapore can add extra flavour to your tasty meals. 
How Must You Equip Your First Kitchen in Singapore?

Out of all areas of a home, the kitchen is the most important of them all. It is a place where you cook your meals so you could nourish your body and stay healthy. So, if you are still using the hand-me-down stove and those cheap knives from your parents home, you are due for an upgrade. You see, like most things, what you have right now already worn down. As a result, you would not be able to use the most out of it. Even if you could, you would experience so much of hassle and might cost you lots of repairs later on. 

So, consider giving it some thought and think about these things below when you buy kitchen equipment in Singapore.

3 Things To Think About When Buying Kitchen Equipment

1. Should You Buy New Kitchen Equipment or Second-Hand One?

New Kitchen Equipment


Buying the latestkitchen equipment in Singapore has an obvious advantage. It is new, which means no one uses it yet. Therefore, it does not show any sign of wear and tear. As a result, you can cook your meat and veggies without a hitch. 


Unfortunately, buying everything all at once could cost you a lot of money. So, try to purchase it one item at a time. That way, you would not have to spend so much in a day, and you can ponder more which kitchen equipment you should get first. 

Second-Hand One


The only thing good about used kitchen equipment is that they are cheap. You can buy at the lowest price and get it for a bargain if it has tons of parts to fix. Moreover, you can get it right away, even in thrift stores.


Even though they are affordable to get, they are costly to fix. Its parts are hard to find since most used ones are old models. So, expect that it might take a while to get one repaired into its top condition. 

  1. Are They Energy-Efficient?

Time has changed. That is indeed the truth since we no longer cook meals in firewoods. Now, we use electricity to power our stove to make a dish. Unfortunately, not all kitchen equipment is energy-efficient. Some use a lot of energy that would increase your utility bills. So, make sure before you buy anything, even a soft-serve ice cream machine, make sure it is energy-efficient and does not impact the environment. 

If you can, do some research before you buy any kitchen equipment for your new place.

  1. Will the Kitchen Equipment Fit?

That is the question you should ask yourself a couple of times before you buy one. You see, kitchen equipment can be enormous. So, make sure yours do not use so much space. That way, you would not feel cramps inside your kitchen. If you can, bring a measurement tape and check the dimensions of the machine you need. 

5 Items Your Kitchen Need to Have

  1. Prep Tools

Before you could cook anything, you must prepare everything.  Aside from ingredients, you would also need some tools. That way, you would be able to crack the eggs well, and slick the onions and garlic right. So, make sure to get these things beforehand.

  • Cutting board
  • Stainless steel knives
  • Measuring spoons
  • Coriander
  • Liquid measuring cup 
  1. Cookware

For you to cook a dish, you would need to get your pans and casserole ready.  That way, you can boil your vegetables and pasta right and fry some on the other side. Listed below are the cookware you must get.

  • Non-stick pan
  • Stove
  • Microwave
  • Steamer
  • Blender
  1. Bakeware

If you are into baking, then better get things. That way, you can make your cookies, cake and other pastries for any event your family has. So, make sure to get these items below.

  • Cookie sheets
  • Rolling bin
  • Commercial combi oven
  • Soft-serve ice cream machine
  1. Dishware

Of course, you would need kitchen equipment that would help you clean your cooking area. So, do not forget to get a dishwashing machine. That way, you can get a clean plate at all times. 

4 Tips on How to Keep It in Top Shape

Lastly, once you avail all the kitchen equipment you need, you must know how to keep it in good condition. That way, you would not have to get a new one once it gets damaged. So, follow these tips below.

  • Keep It Clean
  • Regularly Inspect
  • Repair Broken Parts
  • Schedule Professional Maintenance

In Conclusion

Remember, for you to cook tasty meals, your skills are not the only thing you need. You would also need quality ingredients and kitchen equipment. So, if you want to bake some cookies or even roast a whole chicken, do not hesitate to get a commercial combi oven in Singapore! With this machine, you can make various dishes from different cuisines that would satisfy family and friends. So, get them now from Simplex. In this shop, you would be able to buy it at an affordable price.

Did you find this article helpful? If that is the case, be sure to share it with your friends who recently moved into their latest home. That way, they would have a chance to get quality kitchen equipment for their new place in Singapore.

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