How stripping turned into big business

Strip clubs and strippers always make the news for one reason or another. Most of the time it’s a salacious story about how some politician could have been caught visiting a strip club or how some corporate execs were caught abusing corporate accounts and funding lap dances. Strip clubs usually get bad press just because they exist. The negativity is unwarranted. It is fueled by myths and misconceptions. Movies and TV shows perpetuate these misconceptions by depicting strippers as drug addicted, struggling women who are caught in abusive relationships or coerced to do what she does for money.  

The stereotypes about strippers are so deeply entrenched, it is hard to see what really lies behind the images of G-strings, fishnet stockings and platform heels.  

So, here are some fun facts the business of stripping

  1. Someone you know  is or was at some point a stripper


The strip club industry employs more women than all other forms of adult entertainment combined. A lot of women from different backgrounds strip or used to strip at some point in their lives. A lot of college girls do. So, it’s possible that you have a friend or a family member or work colleague who tried stripping at one point in their lives. 

  1. Stripping is as degrading as it is empowering 

Being a woman in any industry is hard. Women are subjected to all kinds of discrimination and are constantly degraded. It could be overt or glaringly obvious. It’s the sad truth about being a woman. So, yes Melbourne Strippers go through the same problems that most women go through. However, a lot of women who strip find it to be empowering. They have these men under their feet, begging with money for some attention. A strip club is a safe place for women to assert their sexual power, to be free of the confines that society puts them in. But, like at job that involves physical expression and emotional labour, stripping can be oppressive or depressing. However stripping can also be exhilarating and fulfilling. 

  1. Strippers are not prostitutes 

The sex industry has a lot of different aspects. Strippers don’t get on stage to dance and take their clothes off as an invitation to sex. When you visit a strip club keep in mind that it is not a brothel and that the stripper giving you a lap dance will gyrate on our lap but that is as far as it will go. There won’t be any additional services.

  1. Strippers pay to get on stage

Strippers are usually considered to be independent contractors. This means that instead of being paid a salary by the club, they pay the club for the time they spend working in the club. When a stripper shows up for work she has to pay a fee to the strip club and then she has to tip the DJs, house-mom and all the other support staff. 

  1. Strippers know their rights and are good at fighting for them

You might not think of strippers as labor activists but strippers are not pushovers. Many have brought class- action suits against strip clubs, to assert their rights. Some strip clubs micromanage a lot of aspects about strippers. They may dictate what they should wear, when to work and even how to engage with customers. If that I the case, they should be considered employees and not independent contractors. And as employees they are entitled to a minimum wages, unemployment benefits, etc.  Most dancers would rather be independent and would not want a club dictating their earning potential. Of course clubs will have some rules  to keep a certain standard and to ensure that their strippers meet their standards. 

  1. Stripper sell a fantasy, they don’t solicit sex 

Men who go to strip clubs might have sexual fantasies but there is a majority of men who crave emotional intimacy more than just sex. Good strippers know that taking your clothes off does not fulfill every customer’s needs, it is important to be able to talk and listen to their customers. Some men just want someone they can talk to about their relationship, their work and whatever else they need to get off their chests.  

  1. Strippers aren’t looking to get with your boyfriend or husband 

Melbourne Strippers sell fantasy not reality – so they aren’t looking to find love in a strip club. One other thing is that most men don’t go to strip clubs because they want sex with a stripper. Your boyfriend or husband will still come back to you at the end and might probably be more excited and exhilarated. 

 As wonderful and handsome he might be, the stripper doesn’t want to be with him either. She probably has her own boyfriend or husband that she goes home to.  

  1. Strip clubs are classy multinational chains with standards

A strip club is not a seedy, dank place that collects all the dregs of society. These days, strip clubs are classy places often owned by large multinational corporations. They are less than a biker bar but more like a classy casino with fancy décor and a great menu. 

  1. Stripper chic has influenced pop culture

Strippers have come up in the entertainment world and are becoming more mainstream. Pop stars and hip hop stars not only dress like them but they even dance like them. Some musicians have transitioned from the stripper pole to the world stage taking that stripper personality with them. Pole dancing classes are a thing and a lot of women take these classes not only as a form of exercise but they also learn to work the pole to unleash some dormant sex kitten personality hidden inside. 

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