Here’s To A Healthier You: 5 Hacks To Maximise Your Office Desk

Everyone can agree that an office desk in Singapore without proper décor and accent pieces is bland. It can get a tad boring, thus, affecting the productivity of your work. According to science, a desk that lacks appeal, look, and vibe can impact your efficiency at work and physical health. You can hang some wall art, add desk organisers, or let natural (or faux light, too!) light comes in to boost your productivity levels.

Considering the world is gradually changing and learning to adapt to the regular setups, working back in the office is highly likely to happen. Basically, you spend almost half a day here, at least eight hours if you’re working on an 8-5 shift. With that said, you would want to buy office furniture in Singapore to make your desk and office place a good and healthier one for you.

Ready for an office upgrade? Before buying your office furniture in Singapore, here’s a little list of tips and tricks to teach you the knick and knacks of transforming your desk into a healthier space.


A poorly set desktop monitor is one of the common reasons why employees suffer from stiff neck, scoliosis, or back pain. While getting a standing table in Singapore can help improve your stance and posture. To beat this, what you can do is adjust your screen at an eye level. Be sure to place it on your office desk and set it a few inches away from your seat. On a daily basis, you stare at the screen for more than eight hours, causing severe damage to your eye. It’s obviously impossible to avoid smartphones, computers, and other devices that contain and emit blue lights, such as TVs, laptops, tablets, fluorescent lighting, and LED lighting.

As much as possible, minimise the impact of these eye irritants. Start by adjusting your desktop monitor and laptop on your office desk in Singapore. Keep it far away from your seat, increase the font sizes so you will never have to squint, and reduce the brightness. If your company offers free medical checkups, ensure to take advantage of the eye tests!


Fixing your posture is one of the simplest ways to improve your in-office health. One no-fail way to help improve your posture is by investing in an appropriate office chair for your health needs. Say you suffer from back pain, getting an ergonomic chair is the best bet, considering that its adjustable features can provide lower back support, promote good posture, and help ease back pain. When you buy an office chair in Singapore, consider if the height is adjustable. Look for adjustable backrests, one with lumbar support and good health features.

However, if you want a more practical and realistic option, you could try a standing table in Singapore, but the best deal for improving your posture is still an ergonomic chair. Your feet should be flat on the floor when you sit, while your elbows should be the same height as your desk. That’s how you can achieve comfortable seating and better your posture.


Whether for your home office desk in Singapore or at the main office, remote or onsite, it is nice to have a fancy glass bottle or jug on your desk. You’re basically in front of your desktop computer or laptop for more than eight hours. Staying hydrated is critical for everything from your organs to your concentration levels. Not only does it boost your concentration, but also your skin. You must invest in a bottle that can hold at least two litres of water. Drink it. All. Load up on H2O as much as possible to keep the moisture on your skin. Placing a jug or bottle of water on your desk can make your work efficient, eliminating the chances of frequent refills compared to using smaller cups. With a glass or cup, tracking how much you’ve consumed throughout the day can be challenging.



Get a plant, not just because they are pretty! Adding a touch of nature to your office desk in Singapore is actually pretty beneficial for you and your work efficiency. According to studies, having a vase of flowers or a pot of plants on your office desk is good for your health. It can help ease the symptoms of headaches, reduce fatigue, and lessen the chances of coughs, colds, and sore throats. Although the effect is still unsure whether it helps your physical or psychological health, it is still good to add one. Plants have the power to release fresh oxygen (which is good for you!) and boost your mood.

In most work environments, the management ensures to add a good supply of foliage, making the employees more productive. If you plan to place one on your office desk in Singapore, remember to water it as regularly as possible.



Did you know that an untidy office desk in Singapore can get in the way of your efficiency and productivity? As much as you can, try to keep your desk as neat as possible. You may start with organising your mountainous stack of papers and sorting them into their respective ring binders. Remove all excess clutters on your table, such as paper clips, used papers, or staple wires. Grab a ply of anti-bacterial wipes and give everything, including the surface, desktop monitor, the chair, and other items in your space, a thorough wipe down.

Although these things are an extra chore to add to your never-ending to-do list, cleaning these items on your office desk in Singapore is a must. Be sure to add your keyboard, computer mouse, and desk phone to your list. These three are among the top ten common dirtiest items in a workplace.

In Conclusion

Even when you land your dream job, there are still days when work is just too much and unbearable! The hours drag on, and no matter how hard you try, your mood can’t seem to get in a groove. Don’t let your office desk in Singapore add to this pile of stress. An untidy desk décor and office table can negatively affect your productivity. Give your cube a nice boost, and consider following these five hacks to help boost your emotional well-being, transform your desk into a healthier space, and put you in the mood to get working!

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