Everything You Must Consider Before Choosing Casket Services In Singapore

Whatever the religion of your loved one is, in Singapore, funeral servicesare a sign of respect and tribute to the deceased. The fact that your loved one departed is too much to take in already. The process of choosing a casket honestly adds up to the burden. One of the necessary factors of funeral services is a casket. Below is a list of things to consider for choosing a casket.

#1. Casket type

Casket services in Singapore are limited towood or metal. Wooden caskets can be oak, maple, or mahogany. These are the most durable types of wood, suitable for caskets. You have three metal casket options, which are bronze, copper, and steel. The latter is proven to be the best choice for caskets.

#2. Casket design

Some companies with a Christian funeral service in Singapore offer pre-made caskets already or traditional ones. However, you may also opt for customised caskets. It’s more pricey, but it’s more special that way.

#3. Casket interior design

The design and other decorations inside the coffin matter, too. Some casket services in Singapore come with a white standard fabric lining inside the coffin, but you may also ask for a more personal touch. You may ask for satin or velvet and go with your loved one’s favourite colour.

#4. Casket interior features

Inside the casket, you may add memory boxes or drawers. These boxes inside can serve as a space where guests can leave photos of them with the deceased, written messages, or any mementoes.

In Singapore, funeral services are somewhat pricey as they usually offer all-in packages. It may be overwhelming to arrange a burial, especially if it’s a family member. You may get help from funeral services so they can help you with all the planning and arrangements.

If you’re looking for high-quality and exclusive Christian, Catholic, or Taoist funeral services in Singapore, don’t hesitate to contact Ang Chin Moh.

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