Comparison: Old Hero Passion Pro Vs Hero Passion Pro i3S

The passion bike was completely introduced to replace the splendor that was launched many years before. But still in the Indian market history the entry level bike has moved to second highest selling model for hero MotoCorp. For last few years many of the manufacturers are trying to pull down passion but it all gives you an unsuccessful history in the industry. They decided to bring many alternative arrangements and higher displacements to match Hero Passion history but none of the manufacturers are nearer to it.

What is new to the passion world?

110 cc motor which gives you a huge power with single cylinder it is an excellent systematic process and it is very smart engine that produces 9.4 BHP at 7500 RPM torque which is fitted with 4 speed gearbox. Still hero passion of the two wheeler market history that produces lot of benefits and also includes fuel saving process. Here in this content let’s compare Old Hero Passion Pro Vs Hero Passion Pro i3S.

Moreover both vehicles has introduced with same features and specifications since the company brand is same they have updated with new slight alternative arrangements with stylish look. Let’s clearly compare the options between Old Hero Passion Pro Vs Hero Passion Pro i3S.

Price comparison

When dealing with price comparison in ex showroom New Delhi the cost of Hero Passion Xpro is 63,750 with completely fully loaded model. Simultaneously when comparing the price of the base version of the new model Hero Passion Pro i3S starts from 62,033. Here the price of Hero Passion pro I 3S is low when compared with the old hero Passion.

Mileage comparison

When comparing the fuel efficiency old hero Passion base engine which gives you 60 km per liter whereas the new hero Passion pro I 3S gives you an excellent mileage of 84 km per liter. So, most of the customers are really attracted towards this model since it gives you an excellent mileage power. And also this vehicle is very comfortable to drive with different stylish and attractive options in the new Hero Passion pro I 3S model.

Engine comparison

When comparing the engine pro I 3S is designed to with an excellent air cooled, self kick start up with 8.24 BHP @ 8000 RPM. Where the Hero Passion Xpro gives you same self kick start with the maximum power is 9.38 BHP at 7500 RPM so there is a slight difference between the new introduced models.

For information, the weight of the vehicle is only slightly varied the new model is 2 kg lesser than old model that is the weight of the new model is 115 kg. The new model seat height is increased to 5 mm as 795 mm to have a complete ground clearance. The vehicle is attached with more additional features in order to attract Hero Passion customers in the market that is designed with an excellent technology mainly to consume fuel consumption.

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