Become a Security Guard

If you are interested in working as a security guard, it is best to go through security guard training. Training will prepare you for your new career as a security guard. Security guards are responsible for the detection and prevention of crime inside, outside and around any business establishment. They are employed by hotels, airports, shopping malls, banks, malls, convenience stores and military bases. In the United States, they are commonly referred to as Protective Security Officers.

Typical requirements for security guards include a clean background with no convictions of felonies or crimes of any type, any work experience in this field, age over 18, and a minimum age of 21. There is also additional information available on acquiring a security guard license. A Class D security guard license is usually awarded after at least 40 hours of security guard training. Security guards must have a proper working knowledge of weapon operation, first aid and emergency procedures, as well as traffic laws and the proper disposal of hazardous materials.

Depending on the size of the agency, security guards may be required to be deployed in different areas throughout the property. This means that an individual will need to attend a security guard course specific to the agency he or she will be working for. The number of classes and their duration vary by agency. larger agencies require their employees to attend a class on a regular schedule and will also conduct a random test of their knowledge every six months.

For individuals who are interested in becoming security guards, there are several colleges and universities that provide security guard training programs. Security guard colleges and universities also provide certificates for those who successfully completed their courses. Security guards can complete a two-year associate degree program at a community college or a four-year bachelor’s degree. Security guards also have the opportunity to complete a certificate or diploma in criminal justice, criminal administration or paralegal.

There are many places an individual can obtain a security guard course. A typical security guard training school will consist of classroom learning, lecture and field trips. Security guards can usually expect to take classes in communication, criminal justice administration, emergency protocol, fire safety and first aid. Some schools also incorporate psychology into their curriculum to help their guards develop an understanding of human behavior and how it affects their work.

Students can complete a security guard course through on-the-job training at various agencies. In some cases, security guards are required to pass an exam, and then be certified, before they can legally work as security guards. Security guards are most often required to undergo at least one security guard training academy course in their initial employment. Security agents are expected to be trained in the use of high-tech surveillance equipment, as well as common surveillance techniques such as tracking and monitoring.

The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms is the lead agency in regulating security agents. The National Security Agency is another agency that regulates federal security agents. Private security guards may also be employed by state and local governments as special police officers. Security guards employed by the military are also typically required to undergo extensive security guard training, as part of the military occupational requirements.

To become a security guard, an individual must pass both state and federal security guard courses. Depending on the type of security agency to which the individual belongs, their training may vary. Security agents are required to undergo fingerprinting and background checks prior to employment. Security agents are also subjected to rigorous physical exercises and extensive psychological screening. Security agents are required to work in dangerous and remote conditions for long periods of time. Individuals who successfully complete their security guard course and receive their state certification are awarded a security guard career.

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