A Brief Exploration of Singapore’s Tengah Future Development

Tengah is an ambitious new district currently under development as a model of urban sustainability. Located in the western part of the city, Tengah aims to be a dominant bustling metropolitan figure for a car-free, pedestrian-centric district that will provide a quality of life that is second to none. Its various developments are at the cutting edge of urban sustainability, with the latest in Singapore district cooling systems, eco-friendly residential homes, and smart infrastructure that puts the environment first.

From electric vehicle charging points to vertical green walls, Tengah is setting the standard for ultra-modern cities and Singapore’s future. It is a shining example of urban innovation and a blueprint for the world’s future cities and towns.

Eco-Friendly Homes

Singapore has been at the forefront of eco-friendly residential housing for decades, and it’s no surprise that the city-state’s latest urban district is setting an example for sustainable urban design. Tengah is Singapore’s car-free, pedestrian-centric neighbourhood. Located in the western part of Singapore, near Jurong Lake District, it encourages and prioritises pedestrian and cyclist movement.

There are communities of eco residential homes in Singapore incorporating sustainable technologies to create an ideal environment for residents apart from Tengah. In addition to several green features, the developers aim for the community to be a self-sustaining model. The homes were being built with integrated solar panels, rainwater harvesting and a greywater recycling system.

A Model of Sustainable City Living

Arguably, the most impressive aspect of Tengah is its sustainability. Residents will benefit from initiatives such as rainwater harvesting while waste management is maintained to a minimum. The district has been recognised numerous times for its eco-friendly efforts.

It will have an advanced wastewater treatment plant in its reservoir to recycle all wastewater. This will ensure that the treated water is free of pathogens and is safe to use for commercial and residential purposes. Another major attraction of Tengah future development is its Forest Park and its biodiversity. The forest park can also serve as a sanctuary for a wide host of species. Many enthusiasts can visit this forest park every day to enjoy the sights.

In addition, Tengah will feature a range of amenities, including commercial, retail, and dining spaces, as well as educational, religious, and healthcare institutions for an enjoyable living experience with top-notch improvement in its residences’ quality of life.

Smart Infrastructure

With an eye towards a sustainable Tengah future development, various infrastructure developments are paving the way forward to utilise the smart infrastructure. With plenty of electric vehicle charging points, the district is well-placed to be a leader in adopting electric and battery-operated cars. Along the same lines, smart lighting infrastructure is also under implementation.

Many of its roadways will be car-free, with pedestrian walkways connecting to various developments. In addition, Tengah’s district will boast a wide range of walking and cycling paths, along with a park-like setting that gives a sense of openness and space. It will also include a range of recreational spaces such as lakes and playgrounds.

Green Innovations

The innovative technologies implemented in its eco residential homes and other infrastructure are helping to create and shape a sustainable environment for its residents. The district’s cooling system aims to provide a comfortable temperature zone. The system will use the heat generated by local buildings and the energy in the air to create a cooling effect for the buildings. It will lead to less need for air-conditioning, improving the environment for residents who suffer from the negative effects of air-conditioning.

With so many innovative technologies being implemented in the district, Tengah is positioning itself to become a model of future city living.

Let’s come together to shape the future of Singapore Tengah! Join us in envisioning and planning sustainable development. Discover more about Singapore’s Tengah future development by visiting the myTengah website.

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