7 Advantages Of Precision Cooling System Or CRAH For Data Centres

Data centre cooling regulates the temperature of data centres to limit the amount of heat they produce. Although there is an existing close control unit variety, precision cooling, also known as CRAC, has several advantages.

  1. Correct temperature

Thanks to processor-based management, CRAC will keep all your IT equipment at the correct temperature and humidity. Maintaining a constant amount of moisture is essential for the effective operation of electronic equipment. In leak detection, you can also rely on a sensing cable.

  1. Operates efficiently

Every application requires a system that can operate reliably and efficiently all year long, and a close control unit or CRAC can help solve this problem. Without the appropriate cooling equipment, it would compromise the reliability, dependability, productivity, and cost of temperature and humidity-sensitive applications.

  1. Proper air distribution

Compared to standard air conditioners, CRAC features more excellent CFM rates that produce more air volume at higher speeds.

  1. Remote management

If you prefer to monitor your area 24/7, it is possible with an automated CRAC. It is also an option for speedy issue solutions in case of troubleshooting.

  1. Higher load density

You can expect a CRAC unit to handle higher load densities than ordinary comfort cooling systems in terms of airflow. As a result, they are significantly more suited to the data centre’s low moisture tolerance limit. However, if you prefer something more customisable, you may also choose a fan wall or CRAH unit.

  1. Better protection against airborne

Typical comfort cooling systems employ air filters that are just 10% efficient, rendering them ineffective in a data centre. Fortunately, CRAH units include MERV 8 ASHRAE-compliant internal filter chambers that lower airborne contaminants risk.

  1. Better support facilities

Cooling systems for the data centre have efficient support facilities. However, when working with CRAH and CRAC, it’s best to choose a service provider knowledgeable in upgrades and troubleshoots.

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