6 Ways To Achieve a Healthy, Gorgeous Smile

Maintaining a beautiful smile isn’t easy. It takes dedication and strong oral care practices. People desiring a pristine, white look should consider the following six things.

  1. Limit Acidic Food

Liquids such as coffee, alcohol and juice stain teeth and wear down enamel. Too much of these without proper care could create issues such as chipped teeth and yellowish coloring. Try to minimize intake, focusing more on the water than anything else.

  1. Schedule Routine Cleanings

Every six months visit the dental office. The hygienist cares for the teeth, removing any plaque buildup and discoloration. At this time, discuss any concerns with the gums or sensitivity.

  1. Wear a Mouth Guard at Night

Anxiety-ridden or tense people may clench jaws or grind teeth. During the day, it’s a bit easier to control. During the evening, use a night guard. Too much pressure could create cracks and breaks, requiring experts in teeth bonding Park Slope to fix any gaps or holes.

  1. Use Mouthwash

Bacteria harm the gums and teeth. Mouthwash is designed to kill off anything that lingers, leaving breath fresh and clean of any microbes that cause trouble. Remember to use it twice a day after brushing.

  1. Invest in an Electric Toothbrush

Manual brushes function, but they require the user to apply more force. An electric brush is often more accurate in scrubbing and covering the entire area. While expensive, it could be useful in removing undesirable plaque.

  1. Make Time Twice a Day to Clean

Brush teeth for a minimum of two minutes, especially after major meals. Make it a routine to eat breakfast and then brush. Do the same after dinner. Floss immediately, removing anything caught between teeth.

Your pearly whites won’t stay that way without the proper care. Get into the best habits early on. Little steps could make a difference in avoiding issues down the road.

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