5 Things You Should Know to Prepare for Divorce in Singapore

Romantic love is something grand, magical, and delightful according to most movies or series you watch. Most movies show that love between two people is always about kisses, hugs, or in general, about making you blush. However, as sweet as it looks, romantic love is also a responsibility for both partners.

The love you see in the media is only the tip of the iceberg. When you enter a relationship, you need to work on misunderstandings, disagreements, fights, and so on. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you need to exert effort in your relationship. There was a possibility for break-ups or divorce when one failed to show determination to reconcile.

If you and your partner planned for a divorce, it is better to know more about the Singapore divorce process. Getting to a decision of divorce is already a stressful experience. So, don’t add the stress by being unfamiliar with divorce law in Singapore.

Prepare for your new chapter in life and know more about divorce including, the meaning of uncontested divorce and the grounds for divorce in Singapore.

Divorce in Singapore: What Are the Things You Need to Know?

Divorce is somehow a positive and a negative thing. Negative because you will say goodbye to the person you love, while positive because it is a new beginning for your personal growth. Well, after you decide to get a divorce in Singapore, you should know many things about it. There are things like probate lawyers, how your divorce in Singapore will cost, or uncontested divorce in Singapore.

If you’re unfamiliar with those words, allow this article to help you understand more about them to have a smooth transition.


1)  The Grounds for Divorce

Do you want to get a divorce because you only feel the need to be alone? Well, think again because divorce is irretrievable in Singapore. It’s not a question of yes or no. But, it is a systematic process where you need to let your mind decide, but let your emotion dictate. To help married couples, here are the grounds for divorce in Singapore:

  • Adultery
  • unreasonable behaviour
  • Desertion in marriage
  • Separation for three years with spouse’s consent and separation for four years.

If you have the evidence above, you can say that your marriage is applicable in Singapore for a divorce process.

2)  The Possibility to Contest

If the partner suddenly changes their mind about the divorce, most will assume a possibility to contest. Unfortunately, if the partner has evidence with the grounds of divorce, there is no need for the contest because the marriage has irretrievably broken down.

If this happens to you, it is better to consult a probate lawyer in Singapore for a better decision in your divorce process.

3)  Suspicious Third Party: What to Do?

Being married to a person can also cause a headache if you’re suspecting your partner with a third party. If you don’t have any evidence, it is still possible to bring the third party to court for questioning. If proven, then you can start processing your divorce process for a new beginning.

4)  Children and Assets

Fortunately, there is a Mandatory Parenting Programme (MPP) to attend if you have children below 21 years old. In this programme, you and your partner will learn about the importance of co-parenting after the divorce. Keep in mind that you need to attend the programme in Singapore before continuing your divorce process.

On the other hand, when it comes to assets, you can talk with your partner personally about the division of assets, such as your flat, cars, or other personal property. With this, you can have a smooth transition. Better yet, find a probate lawyer to have better advice.

5)  Contested or Uncontested

Uncontested divorce in Singapore means that both you and your partner agree to separate. If so, you can talk with your partner about assets and children issues. It is also possible that you may not need constant negotiations, legal posturing, and court hearing in an uncontested divorce.

A contested divorce means when your partner disagrees with the divorce, child custody, financial support, etc. So, when it comes to contested divorce, the process is much more complicated. That’s why it is advisable to look for a probate lawyer to assist you during the process.

Now that you know the legalities. It is also essential to prepare yourself emotionally. This way, you can anticipate a new beginning in your life as a single person again. Better prepare yourself for the divorce process by reading this article.


How to Prepare Yourself For Divorce Emotionally

A divorce is a life-changing event in your life. Hence, it can drain you mentally and emotionally. It is helpful if you look for emotional support in your friends, a psychologist or family members. If you want to move on, here are the things you can do to prepare yourself emotionally during the divorce process.


1)  Commit to Moving Forward

If you still have lingering thoughts about your divorce, try not to think about it too much because you need to commit to moving forward. In doing so, you can expect to have to feel less grief, sadness or anxiety about the divorce process. Better yet, go out with your friends. You can drink a beer with your friends or watch your favourite sports game.

Or, maybe, you can go to a spa with your family members to de-stress and relax. This way, you’ll think that there is so much more than your divorce. It means the world is still full of opportunities.

2)  Accept That There are Bad Days

When dealing with a contested or uncontested divorce, it is inevitable to have bad days. Accept that there will be days that you’ll feel sad, angry, anxious, and other uncontrollable feelings. Keep in mind that it’s normal because you’re a human being. Don’t be hard on yourself because divorce is a stressful process for everyone.

Even if it happens to you, remind yourself that you deserve happiness in life. If you’ve done something wrong, use this experience as a lesson to become a better person in the future.

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