5 Things to Consider Before You Book a Beach House

If you’re booking a beach house for your summer vacation, you’ve probably already considered the major factors, such as price, availability and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. However, there are many other things you’ll want to think about before you settle on your final decision. Be sure to keep these five factors in mind before you reserve beach houses in North Carolina.

Available Parking

If you’re planning a trip with a large group, take a look at the driveway and parking situation. Some larger houses may not have enough parking for multiple vehicles, which can be an issue on narrow neighborhood streets. Make sure the house you choose has plenty of space for everyone.

Pool and Hot Tub

While a pool or hot tub may seem like just a nice added bonus, these amenities can actually be a lifesaver. Swimming at the beach can be hit or miss due to a number of factors, from water temperature and wildlife activity to rip currents. Having a pool or hot tub at your beach house can ensure you’ll still have plenty of time to swim or just relax in the water. For families with young children, it can be especially appealing.

Distance to the Beach

Are you planning to drive to a public access point when you visit the beach or would you rather walk instead? A ten-minute walk to the beach may not seem like a big deal, but it can be challenge if you’re hauling a lot of gear or dealing with kids. It can also be tiring after a long day of sand and surf. Map out the distance to the nearest access point so you can plan accordingly.

Distance to Entertainment

The beaches of North Carolina offer so much more than an opportunity to see the ocean. Dining, shopping, outdoor excursions and plenty of entertainment abound in this area. If you’re interested in going out to see these sights, you may want to choose a more central location so you don’t have to drive for 45 minutes every time you head out.

Other Amenities

Keep your family’s unique needs in mind. A game room is a great option for kids and young adults. Elevators make it easy for those with limited mobility to get around a larger beach house. If dinners together are an important part of your trip, choose a home with a huge dining room table.

When browsing for beach houses, make a list of everything you need to truly enjoy your vacation. When you consider all of these important factors, you’re more likely to make a better choice for a better trip.

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