Why Should You Celebrate Your Birthday At Sentosa Beach Bar

People love parties, whether work-related occasions, holidays and personal occasions, such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and even baby showers; people love to gather and have fun while having good food.

However, in a fast-paced environment like Singapore, people, especially working adults, prefer celebrating events in restaurants or getting catering services than hosting a party at home with home-cooked specialities.

But do you know that you can always upgrade the party experience by holding the event in a chic bar at Sentosa? Here are the reasons why you should celebrate your birthday party in a Siloso or Alfresco bar in Singapore.

Advantages of Hosting Your Birthday Party At A Beach Bar

Less work and preparation

Hosting a party at home is a lot of work. There are lots of things to consider and prepare for even before the party begins. You have to think of the food and menu, prep your space, entertainment facility, and even clean your post-party house. Preparation alone may take days, from buying and completing your ingredients to preparing them on the table.

Hosting your birthday party at a bar in Sentosa is easier and only requires less work. Cooking food can be time-consuming, but celebrating your party at an Alfresco bar in Singapore, all you need to do is choose the menu cooked by a professional chef. The menu varies depending on the restaurant. You can serve seafood, meat, and vegetarian dishes effortlessly and provide wine, alcohol, cocktails, and juice and fruit smoothies.

Space and entertainment facilities are no problem as well. A Siloso beach bar may have more than 100 seats, perfect for accommodating large parties. All you and your guests have to do is to attend the party because your chosen Sentosa beach bar will prepare everything for you.

Beach bars have the right equipment and materials

One of the problems of hosting birthday parties at home is the lack of materials and equipment needed, especially for large parties. Your dining table might not be enough to accommodate all your guests. They may either occupy your couch or eat standing up.

Perhaps you may lean on using disposable cutleries to make up for your shortage of plates and utensils. This option is not environmentally friendly.

Your chosen Alfresco bar in Singapore provides everything you need, from the tables, utensils, and even table napkins. There are beach bars that can decorate their restaurant according to your theme if you want to; however, additional charges may apply.

They can also arrange entertainment packages for you like music DJs, live bands, karaoke, pool tables, and other event programmes. Finding the right bar at Sentosa with these services makes your party much memorable and entertaining.

You can choose your personal taste

Doing an entire house makeover to get along with your desired birthday theme is exhausting. Apart from purchasing decorations, decorating your house may take half of your day.

The beauty of celebrating your birthday at a bar in Sentosa is you get to choose and execute your desired theme conveniently. Some sports fanatics celebrate their sports-themed birthdays in a restaurant with a sports arcade area. People who prefer a laid back tropical and summer ambience love to host their birthday parties in a Siloso beach bar overlooking the picturesque horizon of the sea.

Other people consider the menu as well. Vegan and vegetarians often pick restaurants that prepare organic and vegan dishes. Beach bars are the perfect place for people who crave seafood. There are beach bars that offer mouth-watering and irresistible lobster, prawns, and crab dishes.

You don’t have to worry about serving the food and monitoring the party

Basically, all you need to do when you host a party in a bar at Sentosa is to enjoy the party itself. You don’t have to worry about replenishing the drinks or the food served at the table. Restaurant staff will provide the service for you.

You don’t have to assist your guests if they want a second round of the meal or need to use the bathroom. Most celebrants only ensure that the food served does not exceed the logistics, which rarely happens if you plan your party well.

Finding the right Alfresco bar in Singapore with fantastic customer service elevates the birthday party experience. Just don’t forget to give the staff and crew tip after the service to appreciate their hard work and warm service.

You have the opportunity to mingle around the party

Preparing for your party at home is really exhausting. Most of the time, your energy is drained even before the party begins.

Celebrating your party at a beach bar at Sentosa prepares the party for you. The staff also take care of the service during and after your birthday party. You have a stress-free time to mingle and chat with your guests and enjoy the party itself.

You won’t feel tired because of the preparation nor worry about the post-party mess. You will have a fun time catching up with friends and families, building more relationships and connections, and of course enjoy the food, view, and your birthday party programme.

Factors To Consider When Planning A Birthday Party At A Beach Bar in Singapore


Location and Accessibility

This factor is the last consideration for many people wanting to celebrate birthday parties and other events at a bar in Sentosa. However, it is one of the most vital factors that you should consider.

If you are choosing an Alfresco bar in Singapore as your birthday party place, make sure that it is within the proximity of your guests. Ideally, your candidate each bar or beach restaurant should be accessible to the major modes of transport.

Guests often consider the transportation options and traffic around the area. Sometimes, if they find the place inaccessible or difficult to travel to, they may decline your invitation. Sometimes guests may show up late because of the traffic or limited transport options.

There are also places that are much more costly compared to other areas. For example, reservation for restaurants in the malls can be cheaper than elegant bars along Siloso beach.

Beach bar capacity and parking

For large birthday parties, it is necessary to consider the size of your chosen Siloso beach bar. There are bars that can accommodate more than 100 people.

Some birthday celebrants often prepare programmes and even fun party games. Your beach bar capacity should have extra space for these activities apart from the tables, seats, and banquets.

Of course, we don’t want the guests to squeeze themselves in between tight seatings and tables. It is more fun to party in a cosy and spacious beach bar.

Parking spaces should also be considered when choosing a Sentosa beach bar. There are restaurants and beach bars that offer separate parking arrangements. Party hosts sometimes shoulder the parking fees; on the other hand, guests can pay it themselves.

Also, make sure that your chosen bar at Sentosa has enough parking space for your guests.

Date and time

There are lots of things to consider when selecting the perfect date. Some people choose their exact birthdate for the celebration, while others consider hosting the party on weekends to accommodate guests’ schedules.

Whatever date you prefer, the golden rule when hosting a party in a restaurant or bar at Sentosa is to make a reservation weeks or months prior to the ideal date.

Your chosen Sentosa beach bar may not be available on your ideal date if you make reservations too late. There are also peak months where bars and restaurants are fully booked. Beach bars and restaurants are usually in demand during holiday seasons, such as New Year’s Eve.

Lunch and dinner hours are the peak time of traffic and regular restaurant and beach bar customers. Some celebrants choose to host their parties at midnight, especially those held at beach bars.

There are restaurants and beach bars that do not operate 24/7 and only allow a specific number of hours for events and parties.

Service and amenities

Most restaurants and beach bars only offer dining service. However, there are others that accommodate brief programmes or games and activities.

An Alfresco bar in Singaporemay offer a sound system, live bands, DJs, video players and projectors, and outdoor seatings.

Other amenities include baby seats, changing tables for babies in the bathroom, and a toilet cubicle for physically challenged people.



There are lots of things to consider when choosing the menu for your Siloso beach bar birthday party.

●      Your preference

Of course, your number one consideration is your food preference. Most bars along Siloso beach offer seafood specialities; however, they are not limited to it.

Some people prefer Chinese food, while others go for European or Mediterranean cuisine. Consider your food preference when choosing a Siloso beach bar.

●      Allergies and other food restrictions

When choosing a menu for your Siloso beach bar birthday party, it is necessary to consider and accommodate your guests’ allergies and food restrictions.

Many people are allergic to seafood, nuts, and soy. On the other hand, vegetarians prefer organic and vegan and gluten-free food. Religious beliefs also have a food restriction. Make sure to provide Halal, vegan, and other dish options for your guests.


Last but not least is the cost. Your overall expense varies depending on your chosen Alfresco bar in Singapore, the menu, the number of guests, and other additional service and amenities.

Generally, holding your birthday party at your own place is more cost-effective than in restaurants and beach bars. If you have a limited budget, it is better to compare the restaurant’s services and menu. You can limit the number of guests as well.

Sometimes, just hosting a relaxing dinner is already enough than preparing programmes, games, and other activities that add to your overall expenses.

The Birthday Party Planning Checklist


List down all the people invited

Listing down the people you want to invite helps you estimate the Siloso beach bar capacity you may need and your overall expenses. You may include in your lists your relatives, families, colleagues and officemates. Birthday celebrations can be intimate or grand, depending on your choice.

Make a reservation

Once you have finalised your Siloso beach bar, it is time to choose the perfect date. You can reserve your exact birthdate or consider the schedule that fits your guests. Weekend lunch or dinner is popular for events and parties. Always remember to make the reservation months before the date of the event, especially for bigger ones.

Discuss your party to the beach bar manager

You can discuss with your Siloso beach bar manager your needs for the party. For example, if you plan to have a short programme or activity, will it need lights and audiovisual equipment? Will you need a space for the dance floor or extra outdoor seats and table? Can you bring outside food such as the cake? Would they allow place decoration for your desired birthday party theme? You can also negotiate the parking arrangements.

Choose the menu

You can choose the menu based on your preference. It is also better to consider the food restrictions of your guests. You may choose how many courses you want and which beverages you prefer. Some people prefer a buffet as they are more cost-effective than a course meal. You may also bring your own cake since some restaurants do not have any.

Send the invitation

Once you have settled the menu and your birthday party plan, you can now send an invitation to your guests! You can do the classic invitation cards, but texts and emails are a more cost-effective way of inviting people to your party. You can send the invitation a month or weeks before your actual beach bar birthday party at Sentosa.

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