3 Things To Know About Functional Medicine

Function medicine is becoming a well-recognized approach to disease management. Explore functional medicine Leesburg VA for more information about holistic and patient-centered care. Here is a list of three things to know about functional medicine.

Looks Into Root Cause of Disease

Functional medicine examines the root cause of certain diseases like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and obesity. A great deal of the practice is centered around examining how imbalances, such as hormonal, immune, structural, inflammatory, digestive, microbiological, and absorptive imbalances, contribute to disease. In addition to looking into imbalances, practitioners will analyze a person’s emotional state, and exposure to toxic chemicals when determining the root cause of his or her ailments.

Takes Lifestyle Into Consideration

Unlike traditional medicine which pays very close attention to the signs and symptoms of certain illnesses, functional medicine values investigating an individual’s lifestyle choices just as much as it values dissecting his or her symptoms. Practitioners in this field will look at the food items patients eat, their activity levels, their sleep habits, their stress levels, and their environment. The aim is to collect enough information about a patient’s lifestyle to note any changes he or she can make to achieve optimal health.

Offers Personalized Care

Those working in functional medicine facilities offer customizable treatment plans. They will take into account an individual’s genetics, lifestyle, and health goals when crafting a treatment plan for him or her. One of the reasons functional medical care is so personalized is because the field recognizes that a single condition can be the result of multiple causes. For example, patient X may be experiencing depression because of vitamin deficiencies and lack of sleep while patient Y is dealing with depression because of past traumas and the use of certain medications.

The functional medicine industry provides people with an alternative pathway to health and wellness. Many have taken advantage of the services this industry offers.

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