3 Reasons to Strive for Ego Death with DMT Therapy

Many people suffer from depressions or even low esteems. There are others who have extremely big egos and can just about be as arrogant as can be. So unless your curb your mental issues for the better, life becomes a living hell. Thus if you find shrinks and medication or counseling sessions are not helping, consider taking the help of DMT in healer plant vine from Amazon which is also called yage or ayahuasca. The copious usage of psychotropic substances like LSD or psilocybin can isolate the mental connection of an individual from the physical self. This kind of condition is hard to articulate or pen down and can be called ego death or dissolution of ego.

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As per medical surveys, these experiments can have a very healing and positive impact on an individual’s mindset. So it can be safely said that one should try ayahuasca to better one’s life condition. However, one should be knowing everything and the traumatic effects of purging before the self cleansing procedures.  There are reasons for enduring pains and trauma for the positive and life changing effect of this yage brew, although it is of course person specific. So let us examine some of the reasons people take this DMT treatment to undergo ego death.

  1. For life altering experiences: Many people even if they have everything in life have mental unrest. So after trying out various things, they opt for the yage brew for a life altering experience to come to terms with their inner self.
  2. Post traumatic stress disorder: A lot of us may have had terrible experiences in life or childhood that left permanent scars on our minds, which we cannot bring ourselves to share. Yet these incidents haunt us. With the effect of ego death, we often release our dormant woes and liberate our ghosts.
  3. Curing physical illnesses: Along with having great impact on mental health, it also has positive effects on curing severe ailments like cancer or at least reducing the disease to a great extent.


Thus you can opt for the yage treatment to cure yourself of the everlasting blues. The treatment is intense and time consuming but it can be effective if conducted in an appropriate manner with the right choice of ayahuasca retreats and genuine healers. by clicking on this link you will find relevant materials for your therapy.

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