3 Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Divorce involves many factors that can quickly become complicated, including property division, alimony and child custody and support if minor children are involved. The more conflict there is, the more potential there is for proceedings to drag on and expenses to grow.

Collaborative divorce is one option to avoid long, drawn-out battles in court. Both parties may have their own tampa divorce lawyer if they choose. They agree to avoid litigation and instead meet with each other to resolve issues and come to a settlement through negotiation. It comes with many benefits. 

1. Lower Costs

One of the primary advantages of collaborative divorce is that is is less expensive. The two parties are able to hire only one specialist (forensic accountant, psychologist, childcare specialist, etc.) if needed and split the cost, whereas in court they would both likely have to procure their own consultants. They also avoid the myriad fees associated with going to court.

2. Greater Control

In litigated cases, the court exerts a great deal of control. They make the final decisions, and these may not be favorable to one or more of the splitting spouses. With collaborative divorce, the two negotiating parties are in charge and they control the outcome.

3. More Satisfaction

Due in part to the fact that the divorcing couple controls the proceedings and their direction, collaborative divorce is more likely to end in results that satisfy both spouses. There is a higher chance that both get what they want since they negotiate until they are both happy. This may also lead to lessened animosity and help the relationship remain intact and cordial or friendly. If children are involved, it can also make co-parenting easier in the future.

A collaborative divorce is an option that allows divorcing individuals avoid extra costs, reduce hostility and come to a mutually agreeable resolution.

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