10 Ways Confinement Nanny Services Help Singapore Parents  

Being a parent is one of the most demanding yet fulfilling jobs in the world. There will be sleepless nights and restless days. You have to always be on high alert for the cries of your little one indicating that either they are hungry, sleepy, uncomfortable, or have poop in their diaper. Fulfilling these parental duties, along with being a spouse and an employee of a company, can be challenging and overwhelming. Because of how busy you will be, there may be times when you put yourself at the bottom of your priority list. Thankfully, you can hire a nanny in Singapore to help you with your parenting duties while taking care of yourself.

But before you hire someone from a confinement nanny agency in Singapore, you need to think about numerous factors first. You and your spouse must allot a portion of your budget for the fees of your nanny. Think about the duration of her stay with you, too. Decide with your partner if you need her to reside at your home while assisting the family.


However, take time to get to know her and her agency first before welcoming her into your abode. See if she has a clean background and a pleasing personality. She must be trustworthy, nurturing, and have a soft spot for kids. Your nanny should also know the correct care practices for babies and mummies. Avoid getting nanny services in Singapore from an agency with a bad record of providing unsatisfactory services to parents statewide.

But if you are still unsure about getting confinement nanny services in Singapore, know that you are not alone and many mums and dads are still hesitant to hire a stranger to take care of their baby. They still choose to ask their parents or resign from their jobs to look after their little ones. However, numerous soon-to-be-parents decided to hire a confinement nanny after learning about the following benefits of having one:

two-women-holding-a-babyProvide Support For Mum

Becoming a mum can be overwhelming—especially if it is your first time. You will have countless questions about your baby and your body, and it can be challenging to ask them all from your mother or doctor due to their busy schedule. Thankfully, having a stay in nanny in Singapore will help you find answers to every question that bothers your mind.


Guide Mum When Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding a baby can be tricky at times. But nanny services in Singapore can assist you when your child gets hungry for milk. Your nanny will teach you how to hold your young one while breastfeeding. She can also help you find a comfortable position while your son or daughter feeds so your arm will not feel sore after doing so.


Draw Herbal Baths

When you hire a nanny in Singapore, part of their job is to draw the perfect herbal baths for mums. They are known and loved for their soothing effects. It aids in relieving soreness and tenderness, speeding up your recovery from childbirth. It can also be part of your self-care routine after becoming a parent.

a-woman-cooking-a-mealPrepare Daily Meals For The Family

Cooking, taking care of a baby and helping your body recover might be too many things to juggle at once. Thankfully, you can get someone from a confinement nanny agency in Singapore to prepare warm and filling meals every day. The food that your nanny will prepare will have all the necessary ingredients to help you regain the strength and energy you lost after giving birth to your little one.


Do The Laundry

Mums need fresh clothes after a day of looking after their kids. Dads need them, too, to get to work every day. If necessary, your stay in nanny from Singapore can load your washing machine with your laundry. She can also dry and fold them for you, so you have fewer things to worry about at home.


Clean The House

Mums and babies need to live in dirt and germ-free home—especially now that coronavirus lurks outside every house. But taking care of a kid while maintaining a clean dwelling with a sore body can be exhausting. It can also prolong the time you need to recover. Instead of mopping and sweeping your floors yourself, let the nanny services of an agency in Singapore match you with someone who can help you do so while guiding you when caring for your little one.


Shop For Groceries

Your stay in nanny from Singapore can do more errands than you think. After cleaning your home and doing your laundry, they can also head to the grocery store and shop for food, baby supplies, and other home necessities—if needed. They will help you restock your pantry as you stay with your baby at home.


Assistance For A Month—Or More

The first month after your childbirth will be one of the most challenging and exhausting times of your life as a mother. To help you adjust to your new duties and responsibilities, you can avail yourself of confinement nanny services in Singapore. Having a set of helping hands at home will help you take one step at a time to motherhood with someone behind to support you.


Get Help From Someone Who Speaks Your Language

One of the problems immigrant parents encounter when getting nanny services in Singapore is the language barrier. Thankfully, you can now hire someone who speaks English, Mandarin, or Malay in the state. Some even have Japanese translators who can help couples from Japan communicate with their nanny.


Allow Mum To Rest And Recover

Carrying and giving birth to a child are two of the most tiring miracles in the world. Both occurrences will change your body for nine months—and more after welcoming your little one to the world. Getting confinement nanny services in Singapore will help you take your journey to motherhood slowly so you can focus on regaining strength and healing your body.

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