Open Zero Balance Savings Account Online

In the current digital and cashless era, having a savings account has become the need of the hour. A savings account helps one to make online payments, which are effortless, easy and quick. Presently, several banks offer the saving account facility. The terms and conditions associated with a saving account differ across various banks. Banks may impose conditions like minimum account balance requirements or average monthly balance requirements. However, keeping up with the fast-paced life, many banks even offer a zero balance account opening online facilities.

One such digital savings account facility is offered by Axis Bank. Axis Bank is one of the dominant private sector banks in the country. Amongst various facilities, the bank offers a zero balance account opening the online facility. This zero balance account is Axis ASAP. Axis ASAp facility can be availed from any of the Axis bank’s 4000 branches in India. Axis ASAP is an instant savings account that allows savings account facility in minutes. The Axis ASAP instant savings account can be opened online on the Axis Bank’s online savings account portal, bank’s website or through the bank’s mobile app. On the portal, click on the ‘Open Axis ASAP’ tab. Further, the documentation requirement for Axis ASAP is all limited. These include basic identity proofs like Aadhar card and PAN card.

The account can be started with a minimum account balance of zero rupees and allows unlimited transactions. The daily withdrawal limit on the card is Rs 50,000, and the limit on per day purchases is Rs 5,00,00. Axis ASAP offers various welcome and milestone benefits like shopping vouchers. Further, the account also offers comparatively higher interest rates as per the market trends. The rates on Axis ASAP begins with 7.10%. The savings account provides various online offers on popular application based brands like Swiggy, Grofers, first cry, ferns and petals, and BookMyShow, among others.

The account offers various debit cards like Visa Online Virtual Card and Visa Online Rewards Card, among others. Further, other facilities associated with the digital account are High ATM transaction limit, Accelerated rewards, annual vouchers, and contactless debit card. In addition, account holders can enjoy benefits like loyalty points, dining offers, and special insurance covers of up to Rs 5 lakhs for the account holders and their family.

In addition to that, Axis ASAP also offers the ‘ASAP’ goals facility, that allows and helps the account holders in setting short term financial goals. The facility is available on the Axis mobile app. Further, account holders can also avail the ‘auto Fd’ facility through the Axis ASAP. This is availed when the account balance crosses Rs 20,000.

On a concluding note, an online zero balance savings account is the best thing that one can do their finances. It is best suited for people who find it difficult to maintain minimum account requirements. These accounts are no less in terms of offers and facilities than any regular savings account. Indeed, a zero balance savings account offers more facilities than a regular account will offer. It is easily manageable, requires less commitment in terms of balance requirements, and also helps one in saving time that is otherwise wasted on offline transactions. The online savings account helps one avail multiple rewards, offers and discounts. Thus, a savings account like Axis ASAP is an advisable and efficient financial move.


Presently, in the hectic modern life, every individual looks out for convenience and ease. When it comes to making payments, a saving account is what comes to recuse, because it allows one to make online payments with net banking and card usage. However, opening a savings account is, at times, a difficult process, because one may need to visit the bank. However, the online savings account opening facility is the best thing that can happen to modern people. The Axis Bank offers one such facility with Axis ASAP.

Apart, what adds the cherry to the cake is that the online account facility allows people to avail the saving account benefit with no minimum account requirements, which most banks demand. Apart from the zero balance requirements, the Axis ASAP also provides various other benefits. The account provides many welcome and milestone rewards, such as exclusive shopping vouchers.  These include offers from various popular brands like BookMyShow, ferns and petals, Swiggy and Grofers, among others.

Further,  the account provides the ‘auto Fd ‘ option to the account holders. As per this facility, if the balance in the card exceeds Rs 20,000, then it can be transferred as a fixed deposit. Further, ASAP Goals facility allows the account holders to plan their future financial aims. Opening a zero balance account online is easy with Axis ASAP. It can be opened easily on the Axis bank savings account portal, or on the bank’s website, and even on the Axis bank’s mobile app.

On a concluding note, opting an Axis ASAP is a wise move when it comes to opening a savings account. It offers no fewer benefits than a regular savings account. Indeed it offers more in terms of discounts and rewards.

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