Exploring The World Of Solar Energy: 4 Factors To Consider And Tips

Almost everyone associates solar energy in Singapore with the specialised equipment they see on some houses in the city or suburbs. They are usually blue in colour and reminiscent of a glass that sometimes looks like an embellishment to make things appear even more beautiful. However, there is much more to this because they contribute to energy efficiency and other benefits for the environment. On top of that, some people even see them as luxurious home improvement products because of the hefty price tag that comes with them. Being able to afford them might be a reach for some people.

Our concern here is people who wish to explore the world of solar energy in Singapore. One person might be unfamiliar with how to install and use them to save electricity bills. While the other is possibly adamant about these things because of their lack of knowledge. Besides, one cannot overlook the environmental and energy benefits of switching to this alternative.

In this article, let us explore the factors to consider before looking for a solar panel specialist or contacting a manufacturer to procure a few pieces for your home. Aside from that, expect some tips to help you work around a few minor issues, just in case you experience them.


Trusting a solar energy company in Singapore is not as simple as getting pieces of candy from a convenience store. All joking aside, these things require heavy consideration on your end because they are a matter of energy and home improvement. In short, know the type of energy you are about to explore and purchase. Why? Despite being able to understand the fundamentals of solar panels in a few sentences, there is much more to the story, such as facts you have probably not heard of in your lifetime.

For instance, there is a type of material for a panel that offers more benefits than the other, or the presence of financing options for clients who are hesitant about spending a hefty sum.

TIP: Read online articles, contact a solar panel specialist to ask about anything, or even seek recommendations from everyone you know. This step of the customer journey is exciting because you get to uncover facts and other trivia!


The challenging part of exploring solar energy in Singapore is most people overlook the plethora of materials in the market. Why? They often see them as the same thing because they always come in the colour blue or the same grid pattern on the glass-like material.

However, there is more than meets the eye. First, there are four common types of panels, such as monocrystalline, polycrystalline, PERC, and thin-film offerings. Getting one should not be complicated, but some customers have this overwhelming feeling when they see the brochure or the website. Second, they differ accordingly because of the price, efficiency, and sometimes the ownership cost.

TIP: Carefully examine the available options you have. For instance, you are looking for solar panel units in Singapore at the right price, and going beyond your range is impossible. Set this limit, and communicate it with the specialist so they can help you get what you need.


Since we have mentioned finding solar panel units in Singapore at your desired price, another factor to consider is your spending capacity or how much you are willing to shell out. Why? Some think these panels cost more than their homes or affect their finances. However, that is not the case because many options in the market let anyone have these things. One is an instalment option for a lighter and more flexible financing plan. It involves monthly payments instead of asking for an upfront payment. On the other hand, using cost-effective materials to lessen expenses is also possible, assuming the manufacturer can work around a budget range. Lastly, making the switch to solar need not be drastic, and it is understandable to have a mix or use a few panels to test the waters.

TIP: Consult with the solar panel specialist by laying out all your concerns to help them curate an option that works best for your budget. If the manufacturer only offers premium pieces, feel free to look for other ones you can trust.


Finding a solar panel installation service at the right cost can be challenging for most clients regardless if they have a working budget or unlimited financial means.

First, there are package options that let them sit back, relax, and wait for the personnel to visit the area during their desired appointment times. There is no need for you to secure the equipment and other essentials because the solar panel specialistand company take care of everything.

Second, there are a few steps to take, and it differs for every home. Some examples include preparing the vicinity on the day of the appointment or even waiting for the weather to calm down during times of rain and thunderstorms. Lastly, some clients fail to familiarise themselves with the process, which can cause problems with the company.

TIP: The key is to learn about the installation process through various means, such as reading the appointment file or the invoice where the solar company in Singapore finalised the service. Second, explore the company’s website if they have blogs and other informative content.

Getting a solar panel in Singapore at the right price to save expenses or contacting a specialist to help you explore options should not be complicated. Aside from that, this world of renewable and sustainable energy offers many benefits, and people sometimes overlook them due to unfamiliarity and ignorance. With this, they often miss a few important things, and that is why we gave you some tips and the factors to consider before buying them.

If you are looking for a solar energy company in Singapore, Perry Management Clean Energy is your partner in everything! They can help you explore options and provide a lasting relationship with you to guarantee the quality of your panels.

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