Effects of Alcohol on Relationships and 4 Signs That Alcohol Abuse Is Affecting Your Relationship 

Effects of Alcohol on Interpersonal Relationships

People drink for a wide variety of reasons. Some people drink in honor of a special event, while others use alcohol as a way to unwind and forget about their troubles. Relationships in both your professional and personal life might suffer if you have a habit of binge drinking or if you drink too frequently.

Understanding the impact of alcohol on relationships and the many alcohol addiction treatment options will help you or a loved one make an educated decision about the best course of treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD). Here are the 4 signs that alcohol abuse is affecting your relationship.

  1. You’re lying about your drinking.

A classic indicator of harmful drinking habits is trying to keep it a secret from close friends and family. For instance, you can say that you’re working extra or seeing friends instead of disclosing that you stopped at a pub on the way home. It may also seem like you’re trying to hide the true extent of your drinking. Lying to your partner can cause resentment and set the stage for further destructive behavior in the relationship.

  1. Your alcohol addiction is affecting your sex life.

The most stable partnerships typically have partners who share similar desires about the frequency with which they engage in sexual activity. Sadly, individuals discover that their libido decreases significantly as their alcohol abuse rises. It’s possible that having just one or two drinks can increase your libido, but the effects will quickly wear off with more drinking. This might cause problems, especially if one spouse is still longing for a sexual connection. Some couples may even question if their spouse finds them physically unattractive. A partner with an alcohol use disorder may also have trouble attaining and maintaining an erection, especially for men.

  1. Alcohol use is contributing to economic stress.

Money is a major cause of tension in relationships; when alcohol is involved, things can quickly escalate. Reasons for this include making poor financial judgments when inebriated and spending too much money at the pub, on hangover remedies, or on transportation home. If someone loses their work or gets in conflict with the law because of their drinking, they might face even more severe financial penalties.

  1. Alcohol is causing conflicts in your relationship.

Have you noticed an increase in arguments with your significant other? Do you fight about particular things, or do the arguments happen for no apparent reason? When one or both partners have harmful drinking habits, it’s common to see an increase in arguments. Furthermore, if you’re arguing and under the influence of alcohol, you can make statements or do things you would never do if you were sober.

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