Should Parents Monitor Their Kids Phone and Internet Usage?

We are living in an age where the use of digital devices as well as the internet has become common. Every individual, regardless of age, is seen with a cell phone these days. Most parents still cannot figure out when should they hand over the smartphones to the kids and whether or not they should give them at all.

Parents buy kids’ cell phones so they can be in touch with them. By installing an Android spy app on their phone, they can monitor the kid’s activity remotely from anywhere and at any time. Similarly, they do not want kids to feel deprived of not having a phone especially when the friends they hang out with have phones.

Kids using cell phones is a double-edged sword. On one hand, phones can help parents get in touch with them during an emergency and reach out to them in time; on the other hand, the same phones can bring kids closer to the dangers lurking on the internet.

What Makes Parents Monitor Kids?

Back in the day, when there were no cell phones and the internet, parents felt their kids were safer at home. However, with the invention of technology and smartphones, kids are no longer safe even within the confines of their homes.

Bullying was something that kids only encountered at schools. But ever since the internet and social media platforms came into existence, kids are now experiencing cyberbullying on different online platforms.

Every other day, you stumble upon stories about kids being exposed to inappropriate content, cyberbullied, or preyed upon by cyberpredators on the internet. Given this new found reality, parents develop the instinct of protecting kids on the internet.

They suddenly start feeling it is their top priority to know exactly what their kids are up to, who they interact with, and what sort of messages they exchange with others on different social media platforms.

The need to monitor kids’ phone activity and internet usage have made parents look for various parental control software and related apps developed specifically for this purpose.

How Far Should Parents Take Spying?

Now that you have understood what makes parents spy on their kids, we need to learn how far should they take spying? First of all, we shouldn’t be using the “spy” word because it is too harsh and connotes negative activity. At the same time, spying incites strong reactions from kids who see it as interference and an invasion of their online privacy.

Rather, we can use the “monitor” word since it sounds more appropriate and has a positive connotation to it. Spying happens when parents want to view their cellphone activity as well as internet usage without them knowing. Parents can consider doing it secretly but may face a strong and negative reaction from kids when they find out about it.

Monitoring is different. With monitoring, parents may inform their kids beforehand that they are going to monitor their cell phone and online activity because they want to protect them from online dangers. It is important to provide reasoning to kids before monitoring their online activity so that they do not feel their privacy is being violated.

Truth be told, kids may never appreciate being monitored because they would not like anyone to invade their privacy. However, if you explain your reasons for monitoring online activity and tell them about potential online dangers, there are more likely to agree to periodic monitoring or will learn how to use the internet and digital devices more safely and responsibly.

Using Monitoring Solutions

While it’s true that open and honest communication with your kids can help them understand the possible online risks and dangers of the internet, you should also consider adopting monitoring tools to keep them safe.

By installing a reliable and professional spy app for Android or iPhone on your kid’s device, you can monitor their activity remotely and be aware of everything that they are doing on the internet. For instance, you can immediately stop them if they’re having a conversation with a stranger or watching something inappropriate on the internet.

Monitoring solutions come in the form of different software and apps, all of them designed specifically to help you find out what your kids are doing on the internet. Once installed, the app gives you a complete insight of what’s going on in your kid’s device. From phone calls to text messages to emails to social media accounts to web browsing, you can get to monitor all the activity taking place on your child’s phone.

What’s more, you can also know the exact whereabouts of your kids and find out what places they visit after school. This helps you reach out to your kid in time especially during an emergency.

We would definitely recommend using a monitoring tool to monitor your child’s cellphone activity and internet usage. Just beware of the fake and bogus ones though as there are several of them out there.




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