Road Trip Vacation Across Java Island

If you want a road trip vacation, you can use the Java tour and travel service.  This is because services like this will allow tourists to travel to every area on the island of Java.

Tourists can visit several tourist destinations scattered across Java island, so the holiday will have a more interesting impression.  In this article, we will provide some recommendations for tourist destinations on the island of Java.

4 Interesting Tourist Destinations on the Island of Java

Road trip holidays have their own excitement, so many people are increasingly choosing this holiday activity.  If you are one of several people who want to take a vacation while traveling around the island of Java, then you can try visiting one of the following places:

1.  Tangkuban Perahu

There are already many tourists who have visited Bandung Tangkuban Perahu. Because this tourist destination has a variety of advantages to be proud of.  In fact, the attractions of this place are not only in its natural panorama.

Tangkuban Perahu also has other attractions that are no less fun.  That way, you can be sure that this place is suitable as a family tourist destination.

2.  Anyer Beach

Anyer Beach is located in the Banten area and is a well-known beach in Indonesia.  This happens not without reason, considering the natural panorama on Anyer Beach is very beautiful. Tourists can enjoy stunning sea views and a cold breeze up on the hills.

That way, it is not surprising that most tourists who visit this place will choose to stay at several nearby resorts.

3.  Guci Hot Spring Park

Although not as popular as previous tourist destinations, Guci Hot Spring Park is still a tourist destination on the island of Java that is worth visiting.  The location is located in the district of Tegal.

This tourist destination is located on the slopes of Mount Slamet, so you can imagine how refreshing the air and the atmosphere are in the Guci Hot Water Tourism Park.

4.  Eling Bening

If you continue your journey to Semarang, you should not miss this tourist destination.  Eling Bening is located on the hills of Ngrawan, so the natural scenery around it is breathtaking.

The scenery will look more beautiful when you visit this place at night.  Through this place, tourists can witness the amazing Mount Merbabu.

Visit some of the tourist destinations listed above to create a pleasant vacation moment.  Invite your family, friends, friends, or your partner to one of these tourist destinations, and enjoy vacation moments that are hard to forget.

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