Duration of Alcohol Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient detox treatment often lasts 30 to 90 days, depending on the addict’s seriousness and addiction severity. It depends on the addict’s needs and mental issues if any. It also matters how they respond to treatment.

Usually, the detox process is crucial to the success of the treatment and how long it lasts. Inpatient treatment involves addicts undergoing a detox process that a medical doctor must supervise. The goal is to guarantee the safety of the addicts who need to be comfortable to overcome their addiction and stay committed to the treatment program.

Once the detox process is done, addicts proceed to the subsequent phases of the treatments. The response to the treatment determines how long the addict stays in the inpatient treatment program.

Needs Determine the Treatment Program

In most cases, how long one stick to an inpatient program depends on their individual needs. Cases differ, which is why some people recover after a week, while others need several weeks to months to come out successfully. Note that addiction is not cured, but as a chronic disease, it is best managed, and addicts are helped to overcome the addiction habit, which is detrimental to their health.

The treatment begins with first admitting there is a problem and doing something to have it fixed. After the admission phase, the next step is getting the right professional experts to walk you through this journey.

It is essential to realize that ther is hope for you or a loved one struggling with addiction. All one needs to be free of alcohol control is to stay committed to a treatment program from a rehab facility they trust and identify with.

Mental Disorder Impact on Recovery

It is essential to realize that addiction is difficult to manage. It is even more challenging when the addiction is coupled with mental ailments such as depression and anxiety. These tend to worsen the impact of addiction as it pushes the addict further into the addiction habits.

In most cases, people struggling with mental illness and addiction simultaneously are victims of dual diagnosis. They need proper help for both cases, as ignoring one of the conditions often worsens both. This is why committing to a facility like Malklard Detox that understands these challenges is advisable.

The key is to have the rehab facility explore both conditions simultaneously. Your goal is to ensure that the mental issues are exhaustively addressed. The addict must first meet a counselor who analyses their mental status before recommending a treatment solution that works for them. Treating the addiction alone does not yield any positive results. It may only wrsen the mental conditions and in turn force the addiction to increase despite the efforts made.

The treatment duration will vary depending on the complexities and unique conditions around the addiction. Get the right diagnosis from the facility before starting any treatment program. You can get this kind of support from us. Call and talk to one of our specialist today.

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