Top Reasons To Use RF Power Dividers

If you are an 80’s and 90’s tech lover, then you know exactly what RF power dividers look like. If you don’t quite remember, let’s jog your memory and take you down a walk of memory lane.

What Is It?

An RF power divider was used in early TV technology in order to hook up cable TV, VCR’s and other video equipment. Most TVs these days still have an RF port to work with these older devices. However, what if you have multiple RF devices that you want to run to the TV? The answer to this is an RF power divider. The divider essentially acts as a splitter as it is a metal block with several RF ports around the edges.

This divider block has ports that are listed for Out and In respectively. Most dividers just have one OUT port which denotes the line that will run to the TV. There are usually several IN ports which allow you to connect a couple of RV devices to the block so that you don’t have to manually plug a device into the TV each time you want to use it.


RF splitters work much like an amplifier works today. Modern amps have multiple HDMI in ports so you can hook up a streaming box, video game system, etc. all into the amp and then just select the input on the amp to throw the signal to the TV. The RF Splitter works very similarly to that except it doesn’t give you control of which source it’s sending to the TV. As long as the TV is set to channel 3 or 4, every device that is hooked up to the divider that is one will pass the signal to the TV. You may get some cross signal if you have multiple devices on, so make sure to only have one device on at a time.

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