The Common Types of Mattresses Explained

The average human spends about a third of their life sleeping. If you plan on spending that much time rejuvenating your body, don’t you want to do it in the most comfortable place possible?

Getting a good night’s sleep means more than winding down and putting away screens before bed. It means to have the right type of mattress that caters to your needs.

With all the types of mattresses available, it’s hard to know which one fits you best. Here are some of the best mattress types to get you started.


An innerspring mattress is one of the most common mattresses on the market today.

Innerspring mattresses contain coils made of steel that offer support. Sometimes these coils are covered, other times they’re not.  There are different types of coils, such as continuous, Bonnell, and offset.

The benefits of innerspring mattresses are that they’re budget-friendly and because of the variations in coils, there are different levels of comfort. They last anywhere from 5-8 years.


Gel mattresses are an advanced technology that takes sleeping to a whole new level!

These types of mattresses keep you supported all night and don’t trap heat. They keep you cool and comfortable and support all the pressure points. Watch it bounce back to its original shape after laying down all night!

Gel mattresses may be more expensive than an innerspring, however, they can last a few more years.

Natural Materials

There’s been a surge of consumer demand for more natural products and mattresses are no exception.

Mattresses made of natural materials like fiber claim that they’re more environmentally friendly because they’re made without the use of harmful chemicals. Some of the natural fibers include:

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Hemp
  • Bamboo

Depending on the type of material you purchase, some natural mattresses can last up to 15 years. Because there are so many different types of natural mattresses, it’s best to try it out before you buy and be familiar with other types as well. Read avocado mattress reviews to learn more about natural mattresses.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is another popular type of mattress and is a perfect choice if you love feeling completely cradled by your bed as you sleep.

These mattresses are made of foam which sinks in as you apply pressure, and it does wonders for pressure points as well. Because they’re dense and conform to your shape, you don’t need to flip them as regularly as a traditional innerspring. If you sleep with another person, memory foam absorbs the movement so you feel it less.

Memory foam mattresses can last about 8-10 years with variations of firmness.


A hybrid is a combination of two or more materials. These can be any two materials like spring and foam, or gel and spring.

Generally speaking, you might have a hybrid mattress made of coils and memory foam or other material. Hybrid mattresses are great because they cater to the person who wants or needs, the best of both worlds. You can get both firm support yet cradling softness with hybrid mattresses.


Latex mattresses might fall in the category of a natural mattress because they’re naturally sourced from trees and they don’t use any chemicals in processing. However, not all latex mattresses are made from natural sources. There are two types of latex mattresses to be aware of.

The first is Dunlap, which is a process in which the latex is poured into a large mold, creating a stronger bottom and softer top. Another method, the Talalay method, consists of removing all the air out of the mattress, which means it has a more equal feel throughout.

Latex mattresses are growing in popularity and can last anywhere from 10-12 years.


Yes, waterbeds still exist! Even though they were all the range in the 80s they still attract a certain type of buyer today.

Essentially, waterbeds are exactly what they sound like: a mattress that consists of water instead of a hard substance like spring or foam. However, you can adjust the wave of water to suit your sleeping preference, and in some waterbeds, there are two adjustment sites.

Waterbeds need to be completely disassembled before moving and can last an impressive 20 years.

How to Shop for a Mattress

Now that you know different types of mattresses, you need to know the best way to choose one. Here are some quick tips on your mattress-shopping journey.

You should know the position you sleep almost consistently. This is because each mattress’s design and firmness is to cater to a sleeping position. Side sleepers, for example, need a medium to firm mattress to support their shoulders and hips, otherwise, they sink.

The majority of people do their shopping online nowadays, but with mattresses it’s tricky. Some companies offer a sleep guarantee, which means they give you an allotted time to try the mattress before deciding to keep it. You can return it if you want before the trial period ends.

Try as many mattresses as you can if you don’t know your sleeping position. As large of an investment as purchasing a mattress is, you want to make sure you’re comfortable and getting your money’s worth.

Types of Mattresses: Which One Is for You?

Reviewing types of mattresses can help you decide on which one to purchase. Even if you don’t settle on what you like or need, for starting to choose a mattress that fits you best.

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