How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

All of us can agree that practising good home and office hygiene is vital for good health and happy life. So, what comes to your mind when we mention good hygiene? You are probably thinking of sweeping and mopping the floors, cleaning windows, upholstery, doors, and ensuring every item is in its rightful position. That is it, right?

But did you know that there is an item in your home or office that hides a lot of dirt and unwanted pollutants such as grime, germs, and bacteria?  We are talking about your carpet.

So, if you have a carpet in your living room or office that you have been ignoring, it’s time to start cleaning it regularly to keep your indoor spaces safe.  Read on to find out how often you need to clean your carpet. 

How often should you clean your carpet?

The golden rule of thumb of proper carpet maintenance is to vacuum it at least twice a week and have your carpet professionally cleaned by a Montreal carpet cleaning service at least twice a year. However, there are lots of other factors you need to consider when deciding how often you should clean your carpet. 

For instance, if you have pets or kids, you need to clean your carpet frequently. The same thing applies to smokers.  Keep in mind that pet dander can trigger severe allergic reactions. It also encourages the growth of bacteria underneath the carpet.

How often should you vacuum?

Typically, you should vacuum your carpet once per week to help it last longer. The primary purpose of vacuuming is to get rid of all loose particles on your carpet’s surface before they seep into the carpet fabrics and abrade its fiber.

Regular vacuuming also means you can go longer before you seek professional cleaning from Montreal carpet cleaning service.  

However, don’t let regular vacuuming substitute professional cleaning. You need to call in the experts at least twice per year because they know how to extract embedded dirt and dust from your carpet to ensure it is 100% clean. 

How often should you clean if you have pets?

We have already mentioned that pet dander and shed hair gets stuck on your carpet and can trigger allergy reactions. So, if you have got pets in your house, consider steam cleaning your carpet every four weeks. You should also vacuum it every day or at least four times a week.

Daily vacuuming keeps you and your loved ones safe from bacteria that your little friends bring in from the outside. If your carpet starts producing a bad odor, consider deep cleaning as soon as possible.

How often should you clean if you have children? 

Kids and carpets have a special kind of relationship. They will always do all sorts of things on the carpet. Therefore, you need to take extra measures if you are a parent.

Just like with pets, consider vacuuming your carpet at least four times if you are a parent. You should also consider getting your entire carpet professionally cleaned at least twice per year. 


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