Here’s Why New Balance Shoes Can Be Your Perfect Running Partner

Runners are often seen sporting the traditional NB symbol on their running shoes. New Balance is a well-known name in the world of sneakers. They have been designing and manufacturing the best running shoes and accessories for elite athletes and recreational runners for over 100 years. The greatest New Balance running shoes integrate attractive designs with high performance and cutting-edge technology. Men’s and women’s New Balance shoes range from the most cushioned and comfortable everyday trainers to the lightest and fastest racers. Here is why New Balance shoes are meant to be your running partner.

  • Frequency of Runs

The number of runs is a useful indicator of your running profile. Suppose you run more than three times a week for training or event preparation; you should choose footwear with good cushioning to provide maximum comfort. New Balance shoes are for both intensive runners and regular runners. Several NB shoes offer a dual-density midsole featuring the softest Fresh Foam X underneath the heel for cushioned landings and denser cushion in the forefoot for quick take-offs. The cushiony midsole delivers a smooth transition from heel to toe and a gentle landing on the ground.

  • Made for All Intensity of Runs

New Balance offers shoes to help you beat your records depending on your speed and intensity. 

  • Running for less than 12 km/h: If you intend to accomplish three longer journeys per week at less than 12 km/h, choose a New Balance shoe with adequate padding to decrease shock waves and offer optimal comfort. The stability of the shoes is particularly vital for supporting your feet during extended walks
  • Running faster than 12 km/h: We recommend slightly lighter shoes. They feature a more dynamic structure that provides an extra boost. 
  • Running for more than 14 km/h: If you like to run quickly and break records, you’ll typically go faster than 14 km/h while jogging or working out. An ultra-light, swift, and dynamic shoe will be very useful. The New Balance Fuelcell Rebel v3 is light and springy, allowing you to bring speed. The Rebel is equipped with New Balance’s FuelCell cushioning, which gives a high energy return. New Balance increased the springy midsole material in the shoe, giving you sufficient padding to go for another run.
  • Supports All Types of Feet

Human feet are classified into three categories – Neutral, Overpronation and Underpronation. Each foot variety has a unique running style and demands a unique set of shoes.

  • Neutral: In a neutral stride, the heel first contacts the ground, then the middle, and then the toes. As a result, the entire body’s weight is evenly distributed on the feet. New Balance has shoes for neutral runners with higher heel cushioning and medial support.
  • Over-Pronated:‍ The inner heel hits the surface first, followed by the big toe in this stride. Running causes the foot to rotate inward, making it difficult to stabilise the body. New Balance shoes designed for over-pronated runners feature stability or motion control.
  • Under-pronated: The opposite of over-pronation is under-pronation. In this case, the outer heel is the first to touch the ground, followed by the little toe, and the foot rolls outwards. NB footwear for under-pronated runners features cushioning and rapid heel-to-toe traction for flexibility.
  • Knows Every Running Surface

Running surfaces are typically classified into three types. The sneakers for surfaces are created differently depending on their intended use. As a result, it is critical to identify which surface you will use it on.

  • Road running: These shoes are intended for use on flat surfaces with very little roughness. These rather light shoes have good movement, stride balance, and padding.
  • Trail running: These shoes are intended for use on tough surfaces with several ups and downs and rocks, such as hills and wild terrain. It provides good support, stability, and a tough sole to protect the feet from dangerous stones. It also offers excellent traction for improved grip.
  • Treadmill running: These sneakers are intended for treadmills and other indoor activities. These are extremely light, flexible, and have soft soles with excellent breathability.


New Balance has been a trusted footwear manufacturer for decades. They have created shoes meant for all activities – indoor or outdoor, all intensities – jogs or runs, and all shapes and sizes of feet. New Balance shoes India similarly caters to the unique needs of Indians.

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