Best Tips for Designing the Condo of Your Dreams

It can be daunting to embark on an interior design or renovation project when it’s your first home. For many people, their first home after moving out of their family’s is a small condo or other similar space. These condos for first-time owners are usually limited in space and can require a lot of imagination for it to look like a luxury home, but with enough effort, it is certainly doable.

Designing a condo

Buying a condo is certainly not easy. A lot of factors go into it, such as budget, location, amenities, and much more. But once you’ve finalised that, don’t think that your home journey is over just yet– you need to design the interior of your condo first! You’ll probably get your condo in a near-blank state, allowing you endless options for interior design.

The first step? Being acquainted with design principles

While it’s most probable that you’d hire the likes of an interior design company to do most of the hard work, the key to a smoother and more successful project is if the owner is more acquainted with the basic design principles like themes, spacing, layout, and more. This is so discussions regarding the project can flow better and you have a firmer grasp on how you want your space to look and how your ideas can be executed properly.

Tips to designing the best condo for your needs


Ready to design your dream home? Here are some of the best tips to achieve your dream condo design.

  1. Buying multipurpose furniture. One of the biggest concerns you should have when it comes to designing spaces is what furniture you should get for your condo. Let’s not beat around the bush– most condos are going to have much less space than what you’re probably accustomed to if you used to live in a house. But a great way to remedy this problem is by buying multipurpose furniture. One great example of this are sofas that can double as beds for guests, or perhaps dining tables that can also function as work or study tables when you need them. Think up some ideas with the way you use furniture so you can free up much-needed floor space for other items or furniture.
  1. Don’t forget the walls. Design your walls wisely to bring out the best aesthetics for your condo. Not only that, you can use walls for some nifty space-saving techniques. Why not consider installing some wall shelves to put your books and accessories? How about painting your wall or selecting some nice wallpaper?

Another popular technique used in condo design is by adding mirrors in strategic places. Mirrors trick the eye into thinking a space looks bigger than it actually is. Get creative with your walls because there are a lot of things you can do with them!

  1. Keep your space clean. Just because your condo has limited space, doesn’t mean you have to live in a home that feels cramped. Small condo interior design focuses on creating places that feel more open and are efficient in conserving space.

But this isn’t enough to make your space feel a little bigger. Condos are homes in which every square inch counts, so having a messy condo can make it seem downright suffocating. Doing things like selecting storage units like drawers to put your belongings in can help you create less cluttered and disorganised spaces. It’s the perfect way of maximising space.

  1. Try to add splashes of green to your space. Multiple studies have shown that green has a calming effect on humans– for the same reason why we feel comforted in natural environments like forests and gardens. With the average city folk spending most of their time indoors, having a little bit of greenery in the home can make it come alive. Why not add some houseplants to your home? There are many small and easy-to-keep ones that you can find.
  1. Pick a theme for your condo. Your living space is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Therefore, you need to design it according to your preferences and needs. What kinds of furniture do you need for your lifestyle? What colours do you like, and what kind of layout or design is best for you? You can go for a more neutral theme, or do your research and be inspired by other designs you like.

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