3 Reasons to Host an AGM Webcast in Singapore

The popularity of live streaming services in Singapore has skyrocketed in recent years, especially during the recent pandemic era. We will use the internet, phones, and other communication devices as modern technology becomes more sophisticated. People will start incorporating them into their lives– in communication, entertainment, education, and more.

Most of us are aware of how we use live streaming in our personal lives. We use the platform to tune into our favourite radio shows, listen to concerts, watch concerts, and see what content creators are up to. But live streaming also plays a role in companies. Business owners can use live streaming platforms to hold meetings, set virtual parties, and complete other business proceedings. Nowadays, virtual gatherings are an attractive prospect.

If you need to hold an AGM, do a webcast in Singapore. You might not meet with your entire staff, so you should explore alternative options. Here is why live streaming works.

1. Your employees have more chances to participate.

Consider the inconvenience of gathering your employees for a meeting. You may encounter instances of no-shows or late attendees because of the effort it takes to travel if they come from a different office.

2. It is easier to prepare a virtual meeting

Virtual production in Singapore takes less time than arranging in-person events. If you are planning a large-scale conference attended by hundreds of people, you will have to worry about many factors, such as employee management.

3. A virtual meeting is less costly

A virtual event will always be cheaper than a live event, even when considering platform fees. Venues, hosts, organisers, and other workers will always raise the prices of in-person events.

For more information on how you can explore hybrid AGM and other options in Singapore, check out Will Dylan Live Streaming & AGM Video Production Singapore. The company offers online platforms and services so business owners and managers can conduct meetings successfully.

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