13 card rummy game tips that can improve your cognitive skills to impress your boss

Cards have always found a way to creep in as the favorite pass-time of people throughout the world. Back in the ages before the internet, indoor games used to be the large repositories that held the mind and the body together. And the same continues with the proliferation of the world wide web.

Among the multitude of card games played all over the world, very few can match the high cognitive quotient of a rummy game. That’s because it’s purely a skill-based game and all one’s got to do is strike up the matchbox of memory to win!

Here are some of the golden tips about how our cognitive skills will improve by playing a rummy gameevery day:

  1. Perceiving the environment you’re in

No other game sets the cognitive skills straight as good as a rummy game. Moreover, success in an office environment depends on being cautious about everyone and everything. 13-card Rummy teaches us to be cautious with its uninterrupted recall of all the cards, one after the other. And not just this, focusing on each move made by all the opponents is imperative to understand the time to strike the perfect card.

  1. Focusing on productivity

Any company boss would definitely prefer a productive employee or someone who aspires to be one. And very few things in life sets us on that path as efficiently as a 13-card rummy game. How? Well, productivity depends a lot on retaining pictorial memory, and with this game, that’s all one needs to do. Remembering who gave away which card and what are the remaining cards on the deck. So, automatically the electrical impulses hit the brain to get it more active.

  1. Learning to trust your decisions

This also gets going with a few sessions of vigorous rummy games. Well, what comes to the fore while playing rummy is the perfect amalgam of pure and impure sequences, right? So, the trick lies in thinking faster than the opponent about the cards already played, and whatever is left on the deck. Making decisions is easy, but what’s difficult is holding on to them. A rummy game will force everyone to do it pretty fast as time is money here.

  1. Memory gets sharper & the brain gets more competitive

Not just instantaneous pictorial memory, but a rummy game also boosts long-term memory. That involves remembering details of events, declarative and procedural memory. In other words, rummy changes the very way one perceives others because both sides of your brain are equally active during the game. That affects the overall competitiveness of a person

This is one character that every boss could kill for: a highly functioning employee with picture-perfect memory and intense competition.


Let’s end this piece with a passing note that beating someone in a rummy game is a pleasure in itself. But what’s even more enjoyable is that with time, one can get to the zenith of their memory, quick decision making, and brevity.

So, happy playing!

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