What Causes The Fading Of Eyebrow Embroidery In Singapore?

The best eyebrow embroidery in Singapore is a semi-permanent tattooing method that enhances the brow appearance by filling in your eyebrows by drawing strokes that mimic your eyebrows. Since it is a semi-permanent tattoo, they are more prone to fading, unlike an ordinary tattoo.

However, other factors speed up the fading as well, and you may be guilty of one of those.

Here are the reasons why your eyebrow embroidery in Singapore fades faster than usual:

  1. Using skincare products

Some skincare products, including exfoliators, have a peeling effect. In eyebrow embroidery, the pigment is injected into the superficial part of the skin, unlike permanent tattoos. Exfoliators can reach this shallow part of the skin and cause peeling of the tattooed skin.

Avoid using skincare products right after your misty eyebrow embroidery.

  1. Sun damage

UV rays damage the skin, making it dry and wrinkled. The lack of moisture in the skin makes the pigments less vibrant. You might want to avoid sunlight or use sun protection after your eyebrow embroidery and lips tattoo in Singapore.

  1. Poor aftercare

Eyebrow embroidery treatment in Singapore follows a bunch of aftercare instructions to ensure the best result. It includes not wetting the tattooed part right after the treatment, not using makeup or skincare products, and avoiding touching the tattooed area to reduce the risk of infections.

Not following these instructions may cause quick fading.

  1. Not going for a retouch

Eyebrow embroidery fades naturally after the treatment; that is why retouch is needed weeks or months after. Due to the eyebrow embroidery price, some avoid the retouches. Hence, they don’t achieve the best results from their treatment.

Are you guilty of one of these reasons? If yes, expect your eyebrow embroidery in Singapore to fade quickly.

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