What Can an ADU Do For You?

An accessory dwelling unit, or ADU, is a comfortable, separate living space that typically has its own bathroom and kitchen. You have probably noticed ADUs at the homes of relatives, friends, or neighbors, though they may have gone by a different name such as “in-law suite,” “carriage house,” or “pool house.” ADUs do not just serve as an added space for guests, and they do more than just catch your eye. In fact, there are many benefits to building an ADU onto your property or adding an interior ADU to your home. Below are just some of the reasons why you should invest in an ADU!

One benefit of adding an ADU is it can add substantial value to your home, as well as serve as supplementary income if you choose to rent out the property. Though building an ADU is an investment, you have the ability to make back what you put in and turn a profit. These funds can be used to secure a better retirement for you, serve as supplementary income, or be used for further improvements for your property. The choices you have for the extra income are endless!

Many Americans are becoming caretakers to their aging parents, and the benefit of having an ADU is it can serve as an alternative to an assisted living institution or nursing home. In addition to being able to keep family close (but not too close!) caring for parents in an ADU can also save you a great deal of money. The nationwide average cost for a nursing home room ranges from $150 dollars a day to over $1,000, according to the American Council on Aging. With a sustainable ADU, you can feel good knowing that not only are you saving money, but also that your loved ones are safe, comfortable, and within walking distance.

Another important benefit of ADUs is they serve as sustainable and low-impact buildings that require much smaller amounts of energy, thereby decreasing utility costs and carbon emissions. You can rest easier knowing that whether you have guests, family, or renters staying in your ADU, that their energy usage will be significantly less than the average single-family home.

In addition, an ADU will increase the functionality of your property by adding space and square footage, as well as serving as an extra place for overnight guests, which is an advantage that many homeowners envy. An ADU will not only increase the usefulness of your property, but it will also serve as an aesthetic appeal in your neighborhood. ADUs make great curb appeal!

Thus, ADUs can advantage property owners in numerous ways such as adding value to your home, serving as a potential extra source of income, creating an affordable and sustainable living situation for family members and aging parents, and make your home look even better. There are many incredible benefits to building a sustainable, eco-friendly, and well-designed ADU on your property, just a few of which have been listed here. It’s clear that when it comes to the question of, “what can an ADU do for you?” the choices are numerous, and only you get to decide!

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