Things to Note When Choosing Band Heaters

Transfer of heat through band heaters happens through the conducive method. Most of the band heaters are mounted on the outer diameter of an item with a cylindrical element and heat it from the outside. Some products are mounted around the inner area of a pipe’s diameter. Band heaters are made of mineral insulation and ceramic to reduce the loss of heat to the surroundings.

There are several tips to consider when looking for an industrial band heater manufacturer. You should search for the manufacturer through:

Performance specifications

Band heaters are chosen based on the specifications of performance and features. The parameters that you should look out for comprise the sheath and maximum operating temperature, watts, and AC voltage needed.

What is the maximum operating temperature?

This is the maximum temperature at which the sheath covering of the heater may reach. It is advisable to note that the maximum temperature of the sheath does not stand for the highest temperature for the heated item.

What is the AC voltage?

This refers to the minimum alternating current needed for the operation of a band heater.


There are various dimensions to look into that include the band’s width, thickness, and diameter. On a standard view, the diameter of the inside and outside of the cylinder being heated should be the same.

Sheath/ sleeve material

Sleeve or sheath is used in band heaters as the protective layer for the elements of heating. The options available for the sheath material are brass, aluminum, iron, copper, steel, stainless steel, and nickel alloy.


Insulation is beneficial in the reduction of loss of heat to the surroundings. There are products that have more than one insulation type. The choices comprise ceramic insulation, mineral insulation, mica insulation, fiberglass insulation.

A band heater that is not insulated has a low profile and is not energy efficient, making it useful where there is premium space.

Ceramic insulation withstands both chemicals and heat. Ceramic consists of nonmetallic mineral-like clay, which is hardened permanently by use of high temperatures. Mica provides good insulation when it comes to electrical properties and resistance to acids and heat.


The features of a band heater used as cooling options are cutouts and probe holes on the band, expandable heaters, and insulated shrouds.


The band heaters should clamp or attach the objects being heated. The majority have several options for clamping from which you select. Some examples are standard or flange, quick release, barrel nuts, wedge mounts, and separate traps.

Termination type

Refers to the method applied in making electrical connections to a heater. Some band heaters may have several options for the termination type, such as metal braided leads, tandem screw terminals, quick disconnects , terminal boxes, and flexible conduit leads.

According to some specialists, some environmental factors lead to hot spots or make the band heaters exceed the normal operating temperatures, resulting in premature failures, hence the regular replacement. Some of the common problems that band heaters experience include:

  • Contamination that causes wire damage
  • Wire failures due to poor contact
  • Problems with temperature control

Before the purchase process of a band heater, be keen on the choice of manufacturers. Consult and do research to ensure you get the best band heaters.

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