The Story behind the evolution of Rummy Has Just Gone Viral!

Rummy is one of the oldest card games to exist, and as you try to uncover the facts and data about its history and origin,it only gets more exciting. No wonder the story of the evolution of Rummy has gone viral.

If you look for the history of Rummy on the web, you will notice that a man named David Parlett had started a game called Conquian, which originated in Mexico, to be the roots of modern-day Rummy. Surprisingly, Conquian is thought to be around 400 years old.

However, this is not the endto the fascinating history of Rummy as that would be disappointing! There are a lot of theories and facts about the origin and evolution of Rummy.

The role played by other countries

A lot of nations come into the picture when one would like to explain the evolution of Rummy as each country had its role to play. Going back 1000 years, during the era of the Tang Dynasty in China, a game was developed having a similar gaming framework to that of Rummy- draw and discard. It is mostly considered to be the oldest connection to modern-day Rummy. From here, the actual evolution of Rummy started.

A few centuries down the line, the Portuguese introduced playing cards to the Japanese, in the 17th century. This game came to be known as Hanafuda. It quickly became a game of gambling for the Japanese.

Interestingly enough, the French are thought to come up with the idea and metamorphosis of Rummy from an existing card game in the 19th and 20th centuries. That game, formerly known as “Whiskey Poker”, later got modified to “Rum Poker”.

After these instances, came Conquian, which is considered tohave the most significant connection with contemporary Rummy. It is believed mostly by theorists that in the 19th century this card game originated in America although some sources say that it originated in Mexico.

However, the most exciting instance is that of ‘gin Rummy’, which is pretty similar to knock Rummy. Originated in the United States, the significance lies in the fact that this is where Rummy got its name from!

During the 1940s, the superstars of Hollywood started to regard Rummy as a royal game, and it helped Rummy to gain popularity in the western world.


The evolution of Rummy is long, but surprisingly instead of expecting it to get boring, it only gets more and more interesting. Starting from the Tang Dynasty around a few centuries back, to the creation of “Whiskey Poker” by the French, and finally the birth of “Gin Rummy”, Rummy has come a long way.

The digitisation of the contemporary world along with the gaming industry put the most appropriate icing on the cake by introducing online rummy to the world. Online Rummy gets even better than traditional Rummy, and while the evolution of classic Rummy is probably over, online Rummy is busy evolving in its elan!

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