Reach Stakeholders and the Public with Animated 3D Videos

The ability to successfully communicate the scope and scale of an infrastructure project is a fact of life for civil engineers, architects and builders. Often, the intent and the context of a project within its surroundings cannot be easily grasped by viewing a two-dimensional image.

When presenting a project to clients, the public, government agencies or neighbors, questions such as how it will impact traffic or whether it is too close to a building are often raised. Users of Autodesk, including those with Infraworks Miami, can easily produce 3D images and videos to help audiences quickly grasp how the project will look and how it will fit into its environs.

3D Fly-Through

Viewer comprehension of a project’s scale and relation to nearby structures, landscapes and features, even those not yet built, can be facilitated with keyframe locations that draw attention to elements in an animation path. Showing the audience a high-quality 3D animation that flies through and around the project creates a sense of place that can replace several slides of text and can better engage the audience.

Autodesk allows for easy creation of snapshot images that can be sequenced to form the storyboard of dynamic video complete with titles and captions as wells as video effects, camera movement and animations.

Shared Views

An important feature for supporting project communications with collaborators and others, including non-Autodesk users, is called Shared Views. This allows team members to send a link to the project video for approvals or comments and to sales teams for presentations. Shared Views are sent free of intellectual property constraints and are set to expire in 30 days by default.

Users of Autodesk Infraworks can create accurate 3D models using existing data sources and team collaboration to create compelling, descriptive videos that convey a project’s actual scale in relation to buildings, roads and other topographical features.

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