PRP Hair Restoration – A Guide on the Facts and Benefits 

Losing hair is like losing pride for many people. It’s a very stressful time. However, the good thing is that your hair can be saved during the onset and the early stages of alopecia. One of the best treatments of all time is PRP (platelet-rich placement). Researchers and doctors call it liquid gold. Find out more about this procedure in the guide below. Dive in! 

The Secret Behind the Effectiveness of PRP

PRP is the plasma derived from the blood of the patient. There’s nothing artificial about it. When the platelets from the body are injected into another part, the body’s immune system doesn’t reject those platelets. That’s the secret behind the high success rate of PRP. Besides hair growth, PRP treatments can be used on several other treatments such as bone grafting and orthopaedic medicine.

Platelets have growth factors that stimulate the production of new hair strands all the while strengthening the hair follicles too. Here’s the thing about hair follicles, if already extinct, they can’t be regenerated. What can be regenerated are hair strands! That’s what PRP targets to repopulate the exposed part of the scalp that’s losing hair. 

How is it carried out? 

Doctors draw the blood of the patient just like it’s done for a normal routine blood test. That blood is centrifuged to extract pure plasma that contains only platelets since other components are filtered. The plasma is injected inside the patch that’s to be treated. 

PRP hair restoration is further combined with additional treatments like RF microneedling or laser sessions with Erbium laser. Doctors recommend these treatments since, when combined with PRP, the results are even better. 

How long before the results are visible? 

PRP is certainly very effective, but the results take a certain amount of time to become noticeable. Doctors usually carry out 3-5 sessions of PRP. Every session is spaced one month apart from each other. The first noticeable results appear after a month of the first or second session. The exact time, however, depends upon many factors. Consulting a doctor about the expectations is, therefore, very important. 

Usually, 5 sittings are enough for the hair to grow back. The additional sessions like microneedling are started after a couple of months. The results are dramatic, but it’s necessary to take touch-up sessions for them to last. 

Generally, taking one session of PRP and laser or one session of PRP and RF microneedling once every 4-5 months is important. All in all, the result of PRP is quite visible when done by experienced doctors. So, be mindful of who is administering the treatment. Clinics like Clinique in Montreal are the best places for such precise restoration treatments. 

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