Paying for Funeral Service Package? Tips in Saving Cost

A funeral is a perfect method to honour a deceased loved one and convey how much their family and loved ones will miss them. In Singapore, funeral services typically cost S$10,000 or more, which may be a significant burden on a family who has just lost a beloved one. Funeral expenses can soon become unmanageable, especially for those who don’t plan.

However, several options are available if you’re on a budget but still want to do something special for your loved one’s funeral. Here are suggestions for a low-cost funeral that will still pay tribute to your loved one.

Top Reasons for Excessive Spending on Funeral

The cost of a funeral services package in Singapore can be overwhelming for those who must make the preparations for a loved one’s funeral. Their grief may cloud people’s ability to make sound decisions. People tend to overpay on funeral decorations because of this. The following are some of the other reasons:

Lack of time

Since death often happens unexpectedly, families experience time limits that they must meet. Families have a sense of urgency about taking action since they want the best service. They often feel overwhelmed since they need to fix everything as soon as possible.

No idea how to begin

Unless you have prior insurance or your family member signed up for one, you might feel lost on what first step you should take. When preparing a funeral, many families have no prior information or expertise. Make sure you look for Singapore funeral services that can guide you on the step by step procedure you need to follow.

Say yes to the first deal

Overwhelmed with losing a loved one, family members often make the mistake of agreeing to first offers. The best funeral services package in Singapore gets neglected. It’s best to ask for a member to handle all the research.

Last-minute decisions

You may overspend if you have to make last-minute decisions on a funeral and have never done so before. Price comparison and research might help you learn more about your choices and how they might fit into your budget better. The more you plan, the easier it will be to distinguish between necessary and what is merely decent to have.

How to be Cost-effective on Funeral Costs


Plan ahead of time

Although it’s not always possible, plan on which funeral services package in Singapore you’ll choose. Preparation is an excellent method to avoid being caught off guard by the expenditures of a funeral.

Despite the discomfort, inquire about family members’ requests, such as their burial location and the speaker they would choose. For your benefit, you must tell them what you need. It will help you and your funeral directors with what they should prepare in advance.

If you plan for your funeral, purchasing “pre-need” arrangements and insurance may pique your interest. Before making such decisions, make sure you do your research since there may be risks, such as non-transferability.

Consider having periodic family discussions regarding final wishes so that everyone knows what each member prefers.

Recognise your choices

Whether you or a loved one prefers a simple cremation or a long wake before a funeral, the options are nearly endless. Visitation might take place either at home or in a funeral home. However, if you have specific requests, such as Taoist or Buddhist funeral services in Singapore, you should know the specifics of your program and plans.

Avoid feeling bad if you’re on a tight budget. Do not let yourself get influenced by the idea that doing a burial will result in financial hardship for the rest of your family.

Do some research

Before deciding, such as choosing a funeral services package in Singapore, you must do your research first. Enquire about complete pricing lists from several funeral homes so you can manage which one fits your budget. Essential services from a funeral home must include acquiring the required permits, records of death certificates, and coordination with the cemetery or cremator.

Check if you’ll be charged extra for services like funeral flowers, obituary announcements, or anything else that a third party provides.

Look for trusted websites

Funeral home websites can be a good source of information. Some may have entire pricing lists or other materials available for your viewing. Singapore funeral services often have price data that contains the program, breakdown and every detail in the whole duration.

See all the packages

Funeral houses may offer funeral service packages such as visitation and service at the graveyard and a simple funeral. You may ask about information on Buddhist or Taoist funeral services in Singapore. Request a detailed breakdown of the costs so that you can evaluate the offerings of other funeral homes.

Ask about all the costs you need to prepare insurance and everything you need. As a reminder, funeral costs might vary greatly depending on where you live, and it’s essential to keep this in mind. Funeral costs vary widely across the country, from excessively high in some areas to extremely affordable in others, and even within the same neighbourhood.

Save yourself the trouble of embalming

Most states don’t require embalming because it’s invasive and rarely mandated under the law. Embalming services might cost as much as $500 or more, but you should realise that embalming is not always necessary. However, you may also ask your funeral director if their funeral services package in Singapore includes embalming or cremation.

In most embalming treatments, the loved one’s face gets reconstructed or retouched to resemble how it seemed to the family. Whatever you and your family decide to do is entirely up to you.

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