Is HONOR Watch Magic Worth Buying

HONOR’s smart watches have been popular with consumers. So when you buy Smart Watch in UK, is Magic Watch worth buying? Let’s learn more about the performance of this watch.

This watch has two color combinations of meteorite black and mysterious silver for consumers to choose from. The black body in color is matched with red lettering and red embellishment on the buttons. The other silver color is biased towards business style. The two color combinations have their own advantages. They are in line with the current fashion trend. There is no special grandiose performance under the appearance. But it has its own nature, giving users different visual experience. Its complex texture double-sided watchband. It is eye-catching. It combines Italian cowhide on the front and silicone rubber on the back.

The size is equipped with a 1.2-inch AMOLED touch screen. With 390*390 resolution, it has an excellent new visual experience at 326PI. It can appear clear in outdoor sunshine. The 9.8 mm ultra-thin design is matched with the arc design of stainless steel. The shell makes this smart watch light and comfortable to use. The CNC machining and the latest laser engraving technology improve the duration.

In terms of sports, this smart watch covers all sports. Whether indoors or outdoors, it supports running, riding, swimming, etc. It can record and share each exercise of the user. It can master the maximum oxygen uptake of the user’s exercise. It supports the measurement of altitude and air pressure through altitude barometers and altimeters. It can be calculated through 3D measurement.

This smart watch has built-in GPS to support three kinds of satellite positioning systems in the world. They can obtain the location information of the smart watch.

If the user takes it to climb the mountain, it can measure distance, speed and height in 3D. Let users be more familiar with the mountaineering process. You can calculate the atmospheric pressure and pay attention to every moment of the user.

Swimming supports 50m waterproof. It can identify your swimming style, number of trips, distance, pace, stroke times, etc. Use data analysis and column chart to analyze your swimming performance and stroke frequency. We have paid attention to every detail so that users can enjoy sports.

In addition, the watch supports heart rate monitoring. It can bring more accurate monitoring data to users 24 hours a day. It can let consumers know their own physical condition.

The overall design style of HONOR watches is more like that of watches in the traditional sense. Its ultra-thin fuselage design has greater advantages over competitors. The fashionable red and black contrast color is believed to be popular with many consumers.

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