Incorporating Scandinavian Furniture in Your Singapore Home

Incorporating Scandinavian Elements in Your Interior Design

Though using Scandinavian interior design elements is a popular trend in interior design today, it has been around since the 1950s. This design movement is known for its focus on minimalism, simplicity and functionality and includes using natural materials. It takes influence from nature through combinations of natural shapes and elements and abstraction. Read on for the benefits of and tips on incorporating Scandinavian design elements in your home’s interior design. If you’d like to see more Scandinavian designs and inspirations, you can check out the website Beautiful Homes. 

Benefits of Scandinavian Interior Design

This widespread minimalist design influence is known for its clean, modern lines and functional design. It also makes your living space appear clean and inviting. Here are five notable benefits of incorporating it in your home’s interior.

#1 Ample Modern Looking Spaces

Scandinavian living emphasises implementing a clean and modern feel to your home. It can help small spaces appear roomier. Scandinavian furniture makers in Singapore are masters of creating multi-tasking pieces that seamlessly combine form with function.

#2 Natural Light is an Essential Element

The colours used in Scandinavian designs create a sense of calm and relaxation. It takes inspiration from neutral colour palettes influenced by creams, forest green, browns, and pale blues. These colours emphasise natural light and reflect neutrally coloured furniture to create a more open living space.

#3 Ample Storage and Organisation Spaces

Every Scandinavian piece of furniture found in Singapore furniture stores, even all over the world, is designed with a purpose. It is to provide ample amounts of storage without compromising space. Choosing a Scandinavian style TV console can make your Singapore HDB apartment look spacious and functional. It enables you to have more storage space while upholding a stylish appearance.

#4 Pieces that Last

Scandinavian furniture pieces mainly use light-coloured wood that is known for its durability. Some of them are oak, teak and ash. The design influence puts a strong emphasis on organic materials to foster sustainable and eco-friendly substances. Designers have also been moving on using worn leather pieces to keep things rustic without looking antique.

#5 Will Not Put a Hole on Your Pockets

Tight budgets can make transforming your home a gradual process. One notable attribute of Scandinavian furniture pieces is using high-quality materials that stand the test of time. It favours function and affordability over being luxurious. You can buy a Scandinavian chest of drawers from any Singapore furniture store since these Scandinavian pieces are accessible to everyone.

Tips on How to Incorporate Scandinavian Influences in Your Interior Design

Many think that it is hard to incorporate Scandinavian elements into your interior design. However, it can be easy. Here are ten tips on how you can incorporate those Scandinavian furniture pieces into your interior design.

#1 Use Textiles that Evoke Warmth

Decorate your space with warm textiles like throws and carpets made of wool, sheepskin, or mohair. It is a common custom in the Scandinavian regions due to their significantly cold temperatures.

#2 Keep Accents Simple

Choose simple decorative accents since Scandinavian interior design focuses on simplicity. Using throws and pillows with geometric prints and patterns can add texture and subtle hues to your design. It also prevents clutter from accumulating in your space.

#3 Combinations of Natural and Metal Finishes

Scandinavian furniture and fixtures at Singapore stores make use of wooden elements. However, in recent years, Scandinavian design styles combine metallic finishes with wooden elements. You can add glimmer and shine to a space with metallic light fixtures.

#4 Plants and Fresh Flowers as Ornaments

Sidewalk florists fill the streets in the Scandinavian region. They sell fresh flowers like roses and tulips in every colour. Incorporate plants and flowers to provide a living element of vibrance and beauty to your living space.

#5 Use Neutral Colours

Most Scandinavian designs use decors in hues of greys, whites, browns, and blacks. Focus on using neutral colours to create a polished and relaxing effect on your home’s design. However, you can still add pops of colours to not lose the personality of your room.


#6 Keep Clutter at a Minimum

The availability of storage spaces provided by Scandinavian furniture pieces ensures that you can keep clutter at a minimum if it is impossible to avoid. Smartly organise the storage provided by your Scandinavian furniture pieces when putting away your items.

#7 Floors Should Be Kept Light

Scandinavian designs do not use a wall to wall carpeting. Light hardwood materials, if not painted white, are primarily used in the design. It makes the space look brighter and more spacious. It also exudes a more inviting and welcoming atmosphere.

#8 You Can Avoid Window Treatments

Keeping window treatments at a minimum promotes a more inviting space. It is best achieved by letting plenty of natural light come in with minimal window treatments. You can use light fabrics if you need to use coverings on your windows.

#9 Lighting is Vital to the Design

The Scandinavian design emphasises how lighting is used in the living space. Lighting is considered a life source in Scandinavian designs. Having different forms of lighting provide illumination to your entire space is crucial. Many incorporate industrial looking light sources into their design to create warm, cosy and romantic atmospheres.

#10 Always Consider Form and Functionality

You will notice that Scandinavian furniture pieces in Singapore stores possess clean lines. It is also known for its innovative and functional use of space. Commonly sold multi-levelled wall shelvings and tables, chairs, sofas and a TV console at Singapore furniture stores are essential Scandinavian pieces. They are innovative, space-savvy and add visual interest to your room.

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