How To Take Good Care Of A Wireless Charging Power Bank?

Smartphones are much more portable to carry compared to laptops. The portability of a smartphone allows it to fit perfectly inside a pocket of jeans, so it is not surprising there are 6.648 billion people that own a smartphone worldwide. But there is one problem, can it last the whole day after using it for hours? Keep your smartphone charged with a wireless charging power bank.

A wireless charging power bank is like a regular power bank but without a USB port. To charge a smartphone, you have to place it on top of the charging area, and the electricity gets transferred to space to the smartphone’s battery, which makes this wireless charger more convenient to use.

  1. Fully Charge Before First Use

While every wireless charging power bank has some charge when you buy from a store, you still have to fully charge its battery before using it for the first time. Doing so helps calibrate the battery and withstand shelf storage.

  1. Keep The Battery Charged

Besides having enough power to charge your smartphone, keeping a wireless charger charged helps the internal circuit get used to charging. You can expect the charging will automatically proceed once you place the battery on top.

  1. Recharge The Battery When Not Use For A While

That is the only so the charging ability of the power bank will not become less effective. Keeping the battery charged from time to time, even if not used, helps calibrate the battery.

  1. Prevent Moisture Contact

A wireless charging power bank is like a smartphone. If it gets wet, the internal system will get short-circuited, making it unusable.

  1. Use A Compatible Case

Since a wireless charger does not require a cord attached to both ends of a power bank, you have to use a compatible case for a smooth charging process. If your smartphone case is thicker than 3mm, the power bank will have a hard time keeping your smartphone charged.

  1. Never Drop It

Like smartphones, you should drop the wireless charger on the ground, especially in high places. Otherwise, it will get damaged inside out, and you cannot use the power bank the same way again.

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