How To Create A Kid-Proof And Pet-Friendly Home Interior Design In Singapore  

We all have unforgettable memories in our family home. Perhaps, you remember when you fell off the couch while dancing in your diapers. Or maybe you almost burned your house down after setting your stove or oven aflame. We had done terrible and reckless things when we were younger, and you want to avoid it at your own family house by having a kid-proof and pet-friendly home interior design in Singapore.

When building a family home, owners consider their family members before settling in one Singapore HDB design. For example, if you live with an elderly or a person with a disability, you want your interior design to be accessible.

Commonly, those who buy new houses are couples starting a family. It means they are expecting babies and even pets soon. So child-friendly and pet-friendlyinterior design ideas in Singaporeare in demand in residential areas.

Tips For Creating Child-Proof And Pet-Friendly Interior Design Ideas In Singapore

This article will discuss some tips for creating child-proof and pet-friendly interior design ideas per room and area of the house.


Here’s how to create a child-proof and pet-friendly living room.

Choose shorter furniture

Kids love to wander around your home. It doesn’t matter if they are just starting to walk or already playful to run. The point is there is a high chance they would grab and hit your furniture.

Taller furniture, such as a bookshelf, is slightly unstable than shorter fittings. It could topple over your kids and pets.

When buying a sideboard or console table, choose the shorter and stable ones.

Bean bags and leather couch

Instead of purchasing a sofa with open and exposed legs, it is better to opt for a leather couch. When your kid spills their juice or your pet pees, you can easily wipe the leather couch clean. It also lacks sharp edges that could injure your kid.

Leather is very durable as well. It retains its shape no matter how frequent your kid jumps on them. It does not harbour pet dander and fur too much, unlike fabric sofas.

Bean bags are also a good option for families with toddlers. You can ask your interior design company in Singapore for couches and bean bags that will match your style.

Hidden and smart storage

It is hard to keep your living room tidy, especially if you have kids and pets. Hidden and smart storage can help keep the clutter at bay. There are trays and baskets you can hide under your armchair and coffee table.

You can use a stylish wicker chest as a sideboard. You can keep your child’s and pet’s toys inside it.

Another helpful interior design ideas in Singapore are the cube and wall-mounted storage. They help you take advantage of your vertical space.


Here’s how to create a child-proof and pet-friendly kitchen.

Cork flooring

Cork flooring is ideal for the kitchen for several reasons.

Firstly, it resists water damage. Cork flooring is impermeable to liquid, so you don’t have to cry over literal spilt milk.

Secondly, it is durable against surface damage. It does not crack easily. Scratches from your dog or cat’s claws are the last thing you need to worry about.

Thirdly, cork flooring has antimicrobial ability. Moulds and mildew hate cork flooring.

Lastly, cork flooring is beautiful. They come in many colours and patterns, adding to their aesthetic versatility. You can ask yourinterior design company in Singapore for the best cork flooring.

Adult-height kitchen cabinet

For safety precaution, you want to keep your glasses, bottles, and knives out of your children’s reach.

Dogs and cats are smart enough to access their food without your knowledge.

You can keep these things away in the adult-height kitchen cabinet and cupboards.

Baby gates

If you want a 100% child-free and pet-free kitchen, installing a baby gate can help. It guarantees that your child or pet doesn’t set foot in the kitchen without your supervision. You can see a lot of baby gates in Singapore HDB design.


Here’s how to create a child-proof and pet-friendly bedroom.

Make sure the strings are beyond the reach

It is common for bedrooms to have window blinds with strings attached to them.

Children could strangle themselves with these strings. On the other hand, pets find hanging strings attractive; they could pull them apart, which could also injure your pet or child.

Make sure any strings in the bedroom are beyond the reach of your pets and kids.

Keep your windows furniture-free

Never put the bed, crib, table, or chair below your window. Children could climb on the furniture and access the window. They could easily fall or go through the window if left open.

Your dogs and cats can also escape through it. Consider the furniture arrangement when coming up with a home interior design in Singapore.

Never place fragile items in the bedroom

As much as possible, avoid placing fragile things, such as mirrors, picture frames, and vases on tables, dressers, and shelves. Kids grab tables and shelves. They could pull or knock-off these breakable items.

Keeping your tables and shelves open and free of furniture is the safest option. You can place light items and baby essentials. You can look for child-proof storage and interior design ideas in Singapore.



Here’s how to create a child-proof and pet-friendly bathroom.

Towel hooks

Towel bars might be the first for bathrooms, but children could play with them by climbing and hoisting their bodies on them like a ladder. Towel hooks don’t give opportunities for children to play dangerously.

Non-slip shower floor

A non-slip shower floor prevents accidents from happening. It is safe for hyper children, elderlies with poor stability, and pets who hate bathing time.

Detachable showerheads

It is easier to bathe your pet with a detachable showerhead. You can also keep the showerheads out of reach of your child by hanging them back.

More importantly, it is disability-friendly, too! You can ask your interior design company in Singapore for more kid-proof and pet-friendly bathroom design ideas.


You can have a safe, comfortable, and beautiful home for your kids and pets by using these interior design tips and ideas in Singapore! You can now enjoy staying at home with your children and fur-friends!

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